Thank-You Giveaway!

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We’ve crested 100 posts! To thank you all for your continued support, I want to send you some valentines. Anyone else notice it’s White Day? In Japan, our Most Holy Motherland (sarcasm, of course!), girls give chocolate to their romantic interests, friends, and co-workers on Valentine’s Day, and then a month later, March 14th, is White Day, where those who received treats have an opportunity to reciprocate. This was totally unplanned – I wanted to have a give-away, and it just ended up working out that way – yay for happy coincidences! Think of it as your continuing support was the Valentine you all gave me – now I’m giving back to you guys.

I have six Valentines to give away:

Valentine 1

Valentine 2

Valentine 3

Valentine 4

Valentine 5

Valentine 6

These are all the extras I made for the Valentine’s Day meet-up I hosted – remember, I mentioned them here? All you have to do is comment on this post with the card you want, and I’ll e-mail you for your address, at no cost to you! Only North American readers, please – I’m not sure how much it’ll cost to send these so I’d prefer not to confuse everything with international shipping. If the card you want is taken I’ll let you know which other options are available.

Starting… now! Comment away – but one per person, please!

EDIT: Wow, I wasn’t expecting that! All of the Valentines have been claimed. Thank you all so much!! Also, I’m currently planning a BIG announcement – keep your eyes open!


Making a Lolita Valentine

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Valentine’s is drawing near again! I think I covered pretty much all the bases last year with my Valentine Compendium (which I’ll be compiling &providing links to in the next few days), so this year’s coverage will be pretty minimal. Last year, I talked a lot about relationships. This year, I’ve decided to make a brief note about loving other lolitas, and what better way to do that than to pimp Lolita Valentines?

Lolita Valentines is a livejournal communities where lolitas, members or not, can submit anonymous love letters to the lolita-verse in the form of decorated images they make themselves.  It’s the perfect place to profess your undying love for BABY, the Stars Shine Bright, praise a perfect coordinate from one of our many photo sharing communities, or gush about how much fun a weekend with friends was. However, it does not get nearly as much love as it should! While every so often there will be a post of 100+ love letters, far too often there aren’t nearly enough to combat all the bad mojo from our weekly dramas. Today I was wondering why that was. Maybe it’s just for lack of knowledge. Thus, I will demonstrate the proper way to make a Lolita Valentine:

picture snuck from Facebook

First, choose a picture to use as a base. I chose this one of my darling snookyface Victoria Suzanne. Open up any photo editing program you have – I’m using PS7, but anything you want is fine. Now, go crazy! I like to do any normal photo editing I think it needs – playing with curves or brightness, fill layers, whatever – and then some fun text &brushes or textures. Here’s mine, totally breaking any anonymity:

Sorry, loli_valentine!

I broke the rules this week – everyone will know this is from me! Ah well, it’s for a good cause- the education of the masses! Also, really, this post is mostly random pimpage for the community – love your fellow loli, girls! It’s that time of year, right? Your final step is to upload the completed image to and submit them to the weekly submission post. Now, get creative, ladies, and make some valentines!!

today’s heart: 2/4/10

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The first heart of 2010! Oh boy!! Today’s tags: magic, snow, and heart




real posts coming again soon, promise!

Valentines Compendium 6: Imaginary Girl

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First off, a very heartfelt thank you to Arianna for posting for me yesterday – my laptop was in the shop (for a new keyboard! I missed you, T-key!!) and I wanted to extend my wishes to you, my devoted, lovely readers. Thanks bean!

And here is the post I would have made had I the means. My New Year’s Eve Imaginary Girls post is still one of my most popular, so I’ve decided to compile another group for Valentine’s Day.

valentine's girl 1
valentine’s girl 1 – by evil_neko on

Lorena walked down the halls at school and groaned inwardly. The girls in her year were practically plastered against lockers, engaging in dangerous-looking tongue hockey with their Hollister-clad flip-flops-with-socks boyfriends. She wondered vaguely if they would choke, smiling a little at the idea. It would serve them right. Valentine’s Day was no excuse to act like animals. In fact, it was no excuse for anything. She had taken to wearing black on Valentine’s Day to show her lack of support of the greeting-card holiday, and would continue to do so. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she almost didn’t notice it: the single long-stemmed rose tied to her locker, in both as fully-bloomed and red as her sudden blush.

valentine's girl 2
valentine’s girl 2 – by evil_neko on

Ariella exhaled angrily, arching to stretch her aching lower back. Who on Earth worked on Valentine’s Day?! Someone who was desperate for money, she answered herself glumly. She dusted her hands on her apron, and dug in to the slice of red velvet cake one of the frosters had given her- the young man had accidentally used mislabeled vanilla buttercream instead of cream cheese frosting, and as it went directly against the customer’s order, the boss had allowed the staff to eat it themselves. She went back to work on her cake, a silly bit of confectionery that matched her outfit stunningly, and supposed there were worse jobs to work on Valentine’s Day.

valentine girl 3
valentine girl 3 – by evil_neko on

Mia had spent months saving up for her very first lolita coordinate, and had blessedly had it in time for her favorite holiday. She had spent hours selecting the finest off-brand items, agonized over whether it was okay to wear black shoes with a pink coordinate (in the end deciding it was classy if done right), and combing through local shops for the right accessories. You can imagine her surprise when her boyfriend presented her with the box, perfectly coordinated with her outfit, and its contents: An Innocent World dress she had been pining over for months. Her first brand piece. Right there in the middle of the restaurant, she almost cried.

Again, and this time slightly belatedly, happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!

Valentine’s Compendium 5: The Lolita Guide to Getting it On

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From Marie Antoinette and

From Marie Antoinette and

Seduction in lolita is a difficult discussion. Everyone is quick to cover their mouths with their fans and girlishly squeal in outrage when the topic comes up. It is the true sign of an ita to have too short a skirt or too low of a cut. Look at any of the lolita communities, especially where outfit photos are posted- daily_lolita, for example. If you scan the first page, maybe one or two posts will announce their style on the front page – “Classic outfit for going out dinner!” or “Gothic for the meetup this weekend!” Ero, though, is another matter. Huge neon signs point it out in the title, cut text, a short intro, maybe even the outfit rundown. Aforementioned intro may even have a few lines about how it’s the poster’s first attempt, they wanted more opinions on how it looked… they hope they don’t look ita.

There it is. The big, pink, lace-covered elephant in the room. To us, in our current evolution of lolita, the terror of being labeled an ita is probably the most prevailent in our small, convoluted subsociety. And what are itas? Well, to put it nicely, they disobey the rules. Less nicely, they look like little hoes. Short frilly skirts, low-cut corset tops are stereotypical to the ita ideal. Throw in some cheap lace and you have everything that lolita isn’t: Cheap, tacky, and, finally, sexual. Someone enjoying looking at me? Say it ain’t so! Maybe that’s why we all hate itas (hey, myself included – I’m examining my own feelings as well as what I’ve seen from others).I personally find lolita a form of feminism – I spend hours curling my hair, tucking and untucking my cutsew, and selecting the perfect shade of lipgloss to become my own ideal of beauty. We go out all decked out and are laughed at, scowled at, stared at in horror. We are not enjoyed or adored by anyone but ourselves and, maybe, the occasional seven-year-old girl. But is this skewed?

I think the problem is that in being obsessed with the idea of an “ideal lolita” that we all try to emulate, we forget that, in the end, we are still humans. This “ideal lolita” is a large problem in my mind, especially for those of us in healthy relationships. To those of you mulling over this topic, seriously troubled or merely for curiousity’s sake, my advice? If it bothers you that much, redefine your ideal lolita. Mine follows:

To me, the ideal lolita eats chocolates. A lot of them. She breaks fast on raw passionfruit and strawberries and for lunch she eats fruit salad and sandwiches on thick brioche rolls. She spends her afternoons laying in fields of flowers and tall grass, drinking pink soda from a wine glass and playing “He loves me, he loves me not” with wildflowers to spread their seeds. She gives flowers to boys and drinks absinthe to spice things up at parties. She secretly loves being outdoors in only her corset and bloomers, especially if there are trees to climb. She buys anything she wants – she has two other bedrooms filled only with clothes and orange petals to scent them. She has more boyfriends than she can count, and a good number of girlfriends too. She licks the drips off her ice cream cone in the summer so she doesn’t have to waste any of its sweet coolness – and she doesn’t care why the others around her are staring.

In short, she does whatever she wants. She adores anything that gives her pleasure and will never be forced to feel bad for engaging in anything. I doubt I’m the only one who thinks this. What lolita meetup have you EVER witnessed where there were no adorable sweets and everyone enjoyed themselves? Please. Good food and good company are the staples of a lolita meetup – and no one is happy unless there’s cake. This leads me to believe that lolitas are drawn to and almost obsessed with anything that makes them feel like a princess, well-loved and always smiling.

What makes a girl feel like that more than an attractive person pleasing them in any way they demand?

Don’t tell me lolitas are prudes – we refresh the sales community ten times a minute to try and find the most thrilling pieces of cloth to wrap around ourselves. We break our diets with cupcakes and sweets and revel in it. We drink. We have boyfriends and girlfriends who buy us flowers and beautiful dresses. Are you telling me that we also deny ourselves the ultimate form of pleasure, the ultimate way of thanking said lovers for their kindness and all they put up with, simply to be the ~*~perfect lolita~*~? I’m sure.
This Valentine’s Day, rethink your ideal lolita. I dare you. Have you gotten your lover’s gift yet? I haven’t. And I’m sure you can guess what I’ll end up giving him.

Go ahead, tell me I’m not a lolita. In the end, which of us have come closer to becoming our ideal lolita? I’ll give you two guesses.

Valentine’s Compendium 4: Making Valentines

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Valentines made by my friends and I

Valentines made by my friends and I

I read somewhere recently that Valentine’s Day was named after St. Valentinus, who fell in love with a blind girl whose eyesight he restored through divine miracle, and before being martyred on February 14th, he left her a love note signed “From your Valentine.” I doubt I really believe it, but it is a rather cute story, and it does prove at least one thing: Valentines, the cute notes sent to sweethearts this time of year, have always been a very important part of this holiday. In the past, Valentines were slaved over, painstakingly created from doilies or clipped pictures from magazine or, most often, cute little sayings on the backs of pretty drawings. Unfortunately, these days this tradition has lost its charm, as even your local corner store has at least a few pre-made Valentines sitting on its shelf. So, how do we bring back this tradition?

With lots of love. A few weeks ago, my friends and I were gathered, being silly and discussing dresses, around Victoria’s kitchen table with mugs of tea, when someone came up with the sheer brilliance that is making valentines. Apparently we were in the right house, as Victoria’s family appears to be avid crafters and soon we were swimming in a sea of pink paper and heart cutouts, covered in glitter glue and red gel pen. And it was delicious.

Unfortunately, I must admit my friends are much more creative with cards than I am. However, I do have some tips and suggestions.

First, some ingredients:

  1. Cardstock (duh)
  2. Glue
  3. Glitter
  4. Pretty paper (scrapbooking paper is really great if you can get your hands on some)
  5. Colored pens along with some cute poems or limericks to copy onto the cards – alternatively, if you lack confidence in your handwriting, some cute rubber stamps with colored inks and embossing powder
  6. Magazines with pretty fonts and pictures – decor and design I find are best for text, and of course fashion for pictures. Not saying you have to cut up your GLB, if course!
  7. Shaped hole punches, especially hearts or flowers. You can find these with scrapbooking goods.
  8. Ribbon! In any color your sweetie fancies.

Obviously you don’t need all of the above, but I’d pick at least two or three besides cardstock. Now that you have those, fold, cut, or otherwise prep your cardstock for use. Peruse your findings – sure, that blue cupcake ribbon is cute, but does it really match your deep-red rose print paper you bought as a base? Pick and chose between what you’ve found around town or your house, and once you’ve got your complimenting supplies picked out, it’s time to get to work.

Hippie warning! Take a look at your supplies. hold them in your hands, turn them upside down and try to feel what they want to become. They were, after all, designed for a reason- try and figure out what that reason was, and how you can use it to your best advantage. Now that you know that, start planning. Take a pencil to your card and draw out where things should go (very important! I need to start doing this), then cut, shape, draw, or write whatever and wherever your design indicates. Or, be totally spontaneous, and cover the poor thing in cutout hearts and cupcake-puke-pink glitter. Your choice.

So there. Now the front of your card is complete. Let it dry if you used glue so all your hard work doesn’t go to waste, and let’s talk about the inside. My personal favorite method is to use a few cute stamps, either words or little pictures, handwrite a sweet saying or poem in cursive, and sign it “Forever, Aly,” though I suggest you use your own name. Or, “Your Secret Admirer!” Swoon.

Don’t think you’re done yet though! An oft-forgotten but very important aspect to any card is the envelope. If you’re going to be sending it via post, I’d stay away from stickers or glued-on bits, as I was told once that they can come off and jam the machines, and god knows the postal service usually doens’t need an excuse to be slower this time of year! I suggest little drawings in glitter gel pen or stamped hearts, flowers, cupackes, etc. I like to draw whatever motif I’ve used on the card itself where the point of the closure-flap meets the envelope on the back, just as a little teaser.

Some examples made by my friends and I are at the top of the page, and unfortunately I’m not at my own computer and thusly cannot add more examples from my files, but I’ll edit this post to include some when I get back to my beloved laptop. I miss you, Sachiko!

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