Zodiac-loli: Water Signs

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I have to admit, I definitely had the most trouble with this one. Water is inconstant and flows freely with the tides, so all water signs are incredibly hard to define as their personal situations so profoundly affect them. These are the signs that I expect the most issues to be most contingent with, so if any of these descriptions don’t suit our Water-Lolis, well, I’m not going to be surprised XD; I did try my best, though, and here are the conclusions I could come to:

Scorpio v1 by herlumpiness featuring Forever21 accessories

Scorpio v1

Scorpio, the Scorpion: Scorpios are what Jen call “the vitality of the extremes.” They are sharp, stark, distinct, but still feminine and oldworldly, so here I’ve selected for them a rigid corset with a skirt that’s architectural but still cascading with a waterfall of soft, feminine ruffles. Scorpio favors statements more than patterns; they’ll like structured pieces that make a splash in their construction details, not in prints or patterns. Scorpio is enticing, Scorpio is mysterious, is skin in all the right places with a touch of exoticism. Hair is usually unrestrained – the iconic Scorpio has long, flowing hair that she wears down and naturally curly/wavy. I really find it difficult to imagine a Scorpio in anything except ero, to be honest, though because of this idea of extremes, I wouldn’t be surprised to receive comments on this from super-OTT sweet Scorpios or wearers of understated classic. Colors Jen and I discussed are, unsurprisingly, black, blood red, white (again, the dichotomy of the extremes), and silver jewelry.

Pisces v1 by herlumpiness

Pisces v1

Pisces, the Fishes: Pisces… oh man. Pisces is very difficult to describe, because they’re so incredibly affected by water, and therefore very changing. Pisces, the fish, flows through the water with ease, fighting currents and ebbing with the tides. Similarly, a Piscean is usually very laidback, very go-with-the-flow, yet they’re also stereotypically very funky and eclectic – this is one of the stereotypical “hippie” signs. They love unique pieces and are likely to combine them all and wear them all at the same time, but as they err to the traditional side often, they’re more likely to go with an established style than to go TOO far left-feel, and will probably prefer sweet or classic. For some reason, Pisceans also have some weird thing with feet. I don’t know, I don’t get it, but if they can’t be barefoot, they’ll probably go to the other extreme and have a huge collection of funky, off-the-wall shoes. They’re also very into construction: they love well-fitted, soft garments that flow but still cling, as they have a strong sense of scale and proportion. Pisces is said to be the sign that feels the most strongly; they will love completely because they hurt completely. However, they’re very secretive and private, so they’ll probably prefer light colors over dark; it’s another way for them to keep the dark inside, where it’s safe. They’ll like blues, very light pinks, and other pastels for this reason.

Cancer v1 by herlumpiness

Cancer v1

Cancer, the Crab: Cancers are soft with an edge. The crab works very hard to put on a hard shell to protect themselves from what they perceive to be the big, bad world. Their clothes are part of that shell; the Cancerian lolita will wear what she perceives, usually subconsciously, as being unapproachable. However, Cancer is ruled by the inconstant moon (forever changing in her nightly orb!), so whatever their mood happens to settle on that day is probably what they’ll end up wearing. Light, seafoam green is often associated with Cancers, so I picked that color &then just went with my ~feelings,~ trying to channel the Crab. They also love old things – channel Cancer yourself by picking up some accessories from a vintage shop, like these gloves and this pearl bracelet.

Previous signs:

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Zodiac-loli: Fire Signs

Zodiac-loli: Fire Signs

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Onto the fire signs: Leo, Aries, &Sagittarius. I definitely underestimated the amount of work this would be! Three-quarters of the way there…

Leo v1 by herlumpiness

Leo v1

Leo, the Lion: I adore Leos. I find them utterly hilarious and totally endearing. They’re energetic lover of attention – and have you seen their hair? (Side note- Leos LOVE their hair. I have a dear friend who’s a Leo ascendant, which means that whenever she’s uncomfortable she gets Leonine tendencies, so whenever she’s angry she’s really quite funny to watch – “You know what? Fuck him! He does NOT deserve me. He’d better just not cry himself to sleep every night when he realizes what he’s missing out on!! Can I borrow a comb? I need to tease my pigtails.”) Their love of attention, color, and brightness makes them very suited for OTT sweet, even bordering on gyaru. Their confidence doesn’t stop at their hair – they love their bodies, or at least outwardly act as they do, so showing a little leg shouldn’t be unsurprising for a Leo Lolita. Their confidence also spreads to creativity; they like to be praised, so they follow the rules, but they’re definitely innovative. Also, name brands. If Virgo is dressed in an exquisite dress that you just KNOW is brand without them having to proclaim it, Leo is the one with logos on every item they’re wearing, or the uber-print that everyone can recognize on site. Virgo is Innocent World; Leo is Angelic Pretty.

Aries v1 by herlumpiness on Polyvore.com

Aries v1

Aries, the Ram: Rules? What rules? Aries is the sign of Mars, so these people are passionate individuals, natural leaders, and very emotion-driven. Aries is the type of sign who throws open their closet and puts on whatever ~feels right~ to them at that moment, the type to change outfits a hundred times a day, the type who either looks like they’ve just stepped off the pages of Alice Deco or who looks a hot mess. Another sign whose personal style varies greatly on the individual themselves, and in fact can vary greatly from one day (or even moment) to the next, they’re also hard to categorize. Personally I’d say that Aries, another fire sign and like Leo a lover of attention, would go for over-the-top- probably not sweet, as they have a flair for darker, more dramatic styles, but whatever they’re doing is going to be big. They’re often foolhardy daredevils and are just as likely to get hundreds of comments on daily_lolita as they are to be posted to /cgl for their utter wtf-ery. As I said above, they’re ruled by Mars, planet of passion, so these are very sensuous people; my Arian lolita here channels Mars by leaning heavily toward ero-lolita. However, Ram-lolis aren’t all sex; all Arians still have a lamb hiding inside them, and lolitas have less trouble showing this than non-loli Rams. Colors for Aries are reds, purples, maybe royal blue – anything deep and brilliant. Black is a definite contender, but only if paired with bright or eye-catching colors like the above or maybe bright, metallic gold.

Sagittarius v1 by herlumpiness

Sagittarius v1

Sagittarius, the Archer: Jen, on Sagittarius: “Sag is like… the kind of girl who’d be taking a walk in the park, then break into a run, then trip &fall over into the grass, then roll around in it until her hair was full of twigs &leaves &flowers… &then stand up and continue on with her day.” There’s little else to say than this: Sagittarius is the ultimate mori-girl. She loves layers of soft, earthy fabrics, she dresses almost solely for comfort; she is “immaculate in her disorder,” as Jen puts it. Make-up is natural for a Sag, or not at all – she’d much rather go for some natural lip balm. Jen relates Sagittarians to horses, which I can see, but from the Sags I’ve seen, birds and bird motifs seem to appeal to Sagittarius-loli. For colors, husky brown, earthy turquoise, and a soft, dusty purple are favored.

Other signs:

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F/W Trends 09, Lolified

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Few of you know this, but lately, in addition to lolita I’ve been really interested in modern mainstream &high fashion. I’ve been watching the shows, reading the magazines, observing the trends every chance possible, &let me tell you I am loving it! This season is going to be amazing &I am adoring it. Part of my observing has been trying to see what current trends I can combine with lolita, &let me tell you, I’m brimming with ideas. Sure, the stiletto peep-toe booties I’ve been seeing around don’t exactly fit the bill, but let me show you some that do:

Fall Trends 1: copper eyeshadow &chignon by evil_neko featuring Charlotte Russe shoes

Fall Trends 1

Here I decided to combine two trends in one: copper eyeshadow and a low, tight chignon. While both have been increasingly popular in recent years, supposedly this season will be their heyday – personally  I totally approve, because both contribute to a very sophisticated overall look, in my opinion (my hair is too shrot now to partake in the chignon myself, but I’m fine with watching others do it!). To put these into lolita, I decided to go for a classic, steampunk-influenced look with Innocent World &steamy accessories, like boots &the necklace. Not sure if you can tell, but the socks are brown &white striped – it’s hard to see in the smaller picture. For the chignon, give yourself an extreme side-part near your ear, comb through with gel over your crown to keep it smooth&tight, &secure with a tight elastic. Style options are really quite versatile – rose corsages, hairclips, braids… it might even look cute peeking out under a half-bonnet.

Fall Trends 2: Red lips by evil_neko on Polyvore.com

Fall Trends 2

Another trend I’ve noticed, more this fall than so far this winter, is bright, fearless red lips. I personally love the timeless look of red lipstick, but I think it’s far too overpowering for me or, in my opinion, most forms of lolita (I have seen it done well, though, especially in gothic). Then  I started thinking, what about if it’s a Clara Bow? The Clara Bow was popular in the 20’s, when tube lipstick was a new-fangled invention that allowed the girls more freedom with its application. It is applied by paling out the lips with primer and/or foundation and redrawing them in smaller &fuller- a good tutorial is here for anyone interested. The reason I think this works well with lolita is that the smaller lip is less overbearing, but is still full &cutely pouty &suits the doll-like look of classic or maybe even sweet… but don’t get crazy. The Clara Bow can also be overpowering if it’s accentuated too much, so keep it simple!

Fall trends 3: monochrome with a pop of color by evil_neko on Polyvore.com

Fall trends 3

The last trend I want to address, &one of my personal favorites, plays with color palettes. Use a neutral like black, white, or gray, and pair it with a few pops of a bright color. I used black with pink for this example, but some others are brown with powder blue, grey with lavender, and white with sage green. Note that my examples are muted pastels, but you could potentially do something like red or hot pink if you have the right stuff. Caution – too bright colors can look kind of 80’s revival. ~Fashion~ (who?) says that in order for a color to be incorporated into an outfit, you should have three+ pieces of that color as well as your base, so a “pop” would be only one or two small pieces or accessories- a hairbow, socks, or purse, for example. This is, as I said, my favorite current fashion trend &totally defines my non-lolita style – I am SUCH a sucker for neutrals this season! Last year I avoided them whenever possible, but this year I am relishing them – right now I’m wearing solely black &grey as we (type?) speak &it is delicious!

You know I will never tell you to dress like the rest of the world, readers. I adore your individuality &support sartorial experimentation in all its forms, but I also think it’s important to look unexpected places for fashion inspiration, and you never know – that place could just be the latest issue of Vogue or Allure!

What are your favorite mainstream fashion trends right now? Do you incorporate them into lolita?

(also, apologies that I’ve been so sparse lately – I’ve had a lot of stuff on my plate, not least of which being my first legit University finals. Semester’s almost over, though, so soon I will be out of excuses &will go back to updating twice a week or so!)

Mini-post: Steamlita

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Steamlita by evil_neko on Polyvore.com
I’ve been getting into steampunk lolita (“Steamlita,” as I’ve heard it called most), so I made a relatively quick polyvore of a steamlita outfit I’d love to have. Not sure who the cahracter is, but someone cutesier than most steam characters – a renegade princess, perhaps?

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