Daily Outfit 3/10/10

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Classic lolita for errands/date day in the city! My boyfriend &I went to hang out around the East Village so I could pick up G&LE. We also stopped &got bubble tea &some amazing Japanese food. Exhausting but fun day!

Daily outfit 3/10/10

My hair looks so short in the little pigtails!


  • Blouse: Innocent World
  • “Cincher”: Forever 21
  • Skirt: Bodyline
  • Socks: Secret Shop
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Hairbows: BABY
  • Lace tights: offbrand

Note to self: This skirt likes more poof! More petti next time.


Zodiac-loli: Water Signs

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I have to admit, I definitely had the most trouble with this one. Water is inconstant and flows freely with the tides, so all water signs are incredibly hard to define as their personal situations so profoundly affect them. These are the signs that I expect the most issues to be most contingent with, so if any of these descriptions don’t suit our Water-Lolis, well, I’m not going to be surprised XD; I did try my best, though, and here are the conclusions I could come to:

Scorpio v1 by herlumpiness featuring Forever21 accessories

Scorpio v1

Scorpio, the Scorpion: Scorpios are what Jen call “the vitality of the extremes.” They are sharp, stark, distinct, but still feminine and oldworldly, so here I’ve selected for them a rigid corset with a skirt that’s architectural but still cascading with a waterfall of soft, feminine ruffles. Scorpio favors statements more than patterns; they’ll like structured pieces that make a splash in their construction details, not in prints or patterns. Scorpio is enticing, Scorpio is mysterious, is skin in all the right places with a touch of exoticism. Hair is usually unrestrained – the iconic Scorpio has long, flowing hair that she wears down and naturally curly/wavy. I really find it difficult to imagine a Scorpio in anything except ero, to be honest, though because of this idea of extremes, I wouldn’t be surprised to receive comments on this from super-OTT sweet Scorpios or wearers of understated classic. Colors Jen and I discussed are, unsurprisingly, black, blood red, white (again, the dichotomy of the extremes), and silver jewelry.

Pisces v1 by herlumpiness

Pisces v1

Pisces, the Fishes: Pisces… oh man. Pisces is very difficult to describe, because they’re so incredibly affected by water, and therefore very changing. Pisces, the fish, flows through the water with ease, fighting currents and ebbing with the tides. Similarly, a Piscean is usually very laidback, very go-with-the-flow, yet they’re also stereotypically very funky and eclectic – this is one of the stereotypical “hippie” signs. They love unique pieces and are likely to combine them all and wear them all at the same time, but as they err to the traditional side often, they’re more likely to go with an established style than to go TOO far left-feel, and will probably prefer sweet or classic. For some reason, Pisceans also have some weird thing with feet. I don’t know, I don’t get it, but if they can’t be barefoot, they’ll probably go to the other extreme and have a huge collection of funky, off-the-wall shoes. They’re also very into construction: they love well-fitted, soft garments that flow but still cling, as they have a strong sense of scale and proportion. Pisces is said to be the sign that feels the most strongly; they will love completely because they hurt completely. However, they’re very secretive and private, so they’ll probably prefer light colors over dark; it’s another way for them to keep the dark inside, where it’s safe. They’ll like blues, very light pinks, and other pastels for this reason.

Cancer v1 by herlumpiness

Cancer v1

Cancer, the Crab: Cancers are soft with an edge. The crab works very hard to put on a hard shell to protect themselves from what they perceive to be the big, bad world. Their clothes are part of that shell; the Cancerian lolita will wear what she perceives, usually subconsciously, as being unapproachable. However, Cancer is ruled by the inconstant moon (forever changing in her nightly orb!), so whatever their mood happens to settle on that day is probably what they’ll end up wearing. Light, seafoam green is often associated with Cancers, so I picked that color &then just went with my ~feelings,~ trying to channel the Crab. They also love old things – channel Cancer yourself by picking up some accessories from a vintage shop, like these gloves and this pearl bracelet.

Previous signs:

Other signs:

Zodiac-loli: Earth Signs and Introduction

Zodiac-loli: Air Signs

Zodiac-loli: Fire Signs

Zodiac-loli: Fire Signs

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Onto the fire signs: Leo, Aries, &Sagittarius. I definitely underestimated the amount of work this would be! Three-quarters of the way there…

Leo v1 by herlumpiness

Leo v1

Leo, the Lion: I adore Leos. I find them utterly hilarious and totally endearing. They’re energetic lover of attention – and have you seen their hair? (Side note- Leos LOVE their hair. I have a dear friend who’s a Leo ascendant, which means that whenever she’s uncomfortable she gets Leonine tendencies, so whenever she’s angry she’s really quite funny to watch – “You know what? Fuck him! He does NOT deserve me. He’d better just not cry himself to sleep every night when he realizes what he’s missing out on!! Can I borrow a comb? I need to tease my pigtails.”) Their love of attention, color, and brightness makes them very suited for OTT sweet, even bordering on gyaru. Their confidence doesn’t stop at their hair – they love their bodies, or at least outwardly act as they do, so showing a little leg shouldn’t be unsurprising for a Leo Lolita. Their confidence also spreads to creativity; they like to be praised, so they follow the rules, but they’re definitely innovative. Also, name brands. If Virgo is dressed in an exquisite dress that you just KNOW is brand without them having to proclaim it, Leo is the one with logos on every item they’re wearing, or the uber-print that everyone can recognize on site. Virgo is Innocent World; Leo is Angelic Pretty.

Aries v1 by herlumpiness on Polyvore.com

Aries v1

Aries, the Ram: Rules? What rules? Aries is the sign of Mars, so these people are passionate individuals, natural leaders, and very emotion-driven. Aries is the type of sign who throws open their closet and puts on whatever ~feels right~ to them at that moment, the type to change outfits a hundred times a day, the type who either looks like they’ve just stepped off the pages of Alice Deco or who looks a hot mess. Another sign whose personal style varies greatly on the individual themselves, and in fact can vary greatly from one day (or even moment) to the next, they’re also hard to categorize. Personally I’d say that Aries, another fire sign and like Leo a lover of attention, would go for over-the-top- probably not sweet, as they have a flair for darker, more dramatic styles, but whatever they’re doing is going to be big. They’re often foolhardy daredevils and are just as likely to get hundreds of comments on daily_lolita as they are to be posted to /cgl for their utter wtf-ery. As I said above, they’re ruled by Mars, planet of passion, so these are very sensuous people; my Arian lolita here channels Mars by leaning heavily toward ero-lolita. However, Ram-lolis aren’t all sex; all Arians still have a lamb hiding inside them, and lolitas have less trouble showing this than non-loli Rams. Colors for Aries are reds, purples, maybe royal blue – anything deep and brilliant. Black is a definite contender, but only if paired with bright or eye-catching colors like the above or maybe bright, metallic gold.

Sagittarius v1 by herlumpiness

Sagittarius v1

Sagittarius, the Archer: Jen, on Sagittarius: “Sag is like… the kind of girl who’d be taking a walk in the park, then break into a run, then trip &fall over into the grass, then roll around in it until her hair was full of twigs &leaves &flowers… &then stand up and continue on with her day.” There’s little else to say than this: Sagittarius is the ultimate mori-girl. She loves layers of soft, earthy fabrics, she dresses almost solely for comfort; she is “immaculate in her disorder,” as Jen puts it. Make-up is natural for a Sag, or not at all – she’d much rather go for some natural lip balm. Jen relates Sagittarians to horses, which I can see, but from the Sags I’ve seen, birds and bird motifs seem to appeal to Sagittarius-loli. For colors, husky brown, earthy turquoise, and a soft, dusty purple are favored.

Other signs:

Zodiac-loli: Earth Signs and Introduction

Zodiac-loli: Air Signs

Zodiac Loli: Earth Signs

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Some of you may not have picked up on this yet, but I’m a pretty big hippie. This is largely to blame on my ex-roommate and forever love Jen, who is a certified astrologer &introduced me to Tarot, pendant-divination, and chakra cleansing in the three months she lived with me, as well as the study of the Western zodiac. It’s funny – once you’re introduced to this stuff, you can’t begin to imagine how people live without it. You start thinking in terms of Tarot cards, diagnosing ailments on behalf of blocked chakras, and, especially in my case, start blaming things on your astrology. In short, you look for connections. For the entire history of my blog, I’ve been meaning to do a write-up of Zodiac for Lolitas, so this weekend I sat down with Jen &her laptop, &brainstormed what attributes of which signs would come over into a lolita’s manner of dressing. I’m going to be transcribing all of my quotes, as well as some quotes from Jen herself on the subject, into a four-part series organized by the element of each sign, starting with Earth (I’m biased).

(Please note that the following is really all in jest, and that there is a lot more to someone’s astrological chart than their sun signs – if something in your sign seems totally unlike you, remember that these are stereotypes and that not everyone fits them! There is also much more to your astrological birth chart to consider – many of my lolita friends show their ascendant or rising sign more than their sun signs because we so often put up a front when we dress up.)

Taurus v1 by herlumpiness featuring Forever21 jewelry

Taurus v1

Taurus, the Bull: The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, the planet of love an beauty. Therefore, Taureans have a love of beauty that borders on obsession. Like their bovine namesakes, Cow-people have an easy, lazy air about them and a stubborn loyalty that you do not want to cross. Their top priorities are being pretty and being comfortable. Since they’re very nostalgic, they’ll forever relate colors and styles to things that have made them comfortable in the past, so the Taurean clothing style is very personal and unique to the individual – not always something you can define or pinpoint. The Earthly bull is very soothed by nature, so they will often include them into their wardrobes. It would have been easy to put my Taurus in brown, but really, many Taureans find brown too harsh and stark for their own wardrobes. They are more comfortable in lighter, soothing colors like sage green and lavender. This isn’t true of all Taureans, of course- as I said above, their nostalgic nature means that the specifics will change, but the ideas of achievable, comfortable beauty is very high on their priorities.

Virgo v1 by herlumpiness on Polyvore.com

Virgo v1

Virgo, the Virgin: Virgo, like all Earth signs, is very traditional. The guiding theory behind Virgo is what Jen calls “purity of purpose.” Virgos, when it comes to fashion, are the ones wearing the exquisitely-tailored suit that doesn’t even need to be plastered with labels for you to know it’s on par with Armani; the same goes for lolita. Virgo is the one decked head-to-toe in brand, and even without a name showing, you just know – not because of the status symbol, but because they know that brand names are synonymous with quality. The purity of high-quality items hold with the Virgoan motto of Purity of Purpose. Their presence is enough; they don’t need to go Over The Top to be noticed. These are the Earth signs who will go for dark, deep brown, because they like elegance of it; the same is true of maroon. If they go for a light color, they’ll prefer cream to pure white; they’re too sensible to wear something so easily dirtied, though, so they usually will prefer colors. Virgos also like historically-inspired clothing, because of their love of tradition and the idea that if something has lasted this long, it must be good.

Capricorn v1 by herlumpiness on Polyvore.com

Capricorn v1

Capricorn, the Seagoat: First of all… what the hell is a Seagoat?! Anyway, Capricorn, like other Earth signs, is very traditional. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of rules and laws, and therefore there is nothing they love more than following all of the established rules – this could be what drew them to lolita in the first place. Traditionally, most people would think of Capricorn as being a gothic lolita because of its connection to dark Saturn, but in fact, they would be too worried about what people would say about them to do so, and are more likely to go for old-school sweet or classic, if they go for lolita at all, really. It’s all about established tradition. They’re not ones to do much innovating; they prefer to accept rules as they are. Despite their dislike of negative attention, Capricorns have a secret longing for fame, and therefore they like that brand names are status symbols. In the end, though, they’re too thrifty to spend hundreds of dollars on one dress, so they’ll probably go for brand accessories and an off-brand dress of fantastic quality. They also put fashion over comfort – they’re the type to wear a tightly-laced steel boned corset under their dresses all day, simply because, in their mind, it’s “what you do.” Colors that Capricorns are drawn to are either very classic colors like pale pink or blackxwhite coordinated looks, or the colors of their ruling planet Saturn: plum or light gray.

Inspiration: Aliena, As You Like It

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This evening I watched the 2006 HBO/BBC production of As You Like It. I’ve just finished reading the play in my Shakespeare class, and am about to write a critical analysis of it (maybe – or should I choose A Midsummer Night’s Dream?! Decisions, decisions – the cruel fate of the English major!) and my teacher recommended seeing a production or movie-adaptation of the play we choose first. The text mentioned the Kenneth Branagh version as taking place in post-feudal Japan, so of course, my interest was peaked. I really recommend this version – the costumes are so beautiful, a necessity as even in Shakespeare’s original the plot is incredibly lacking as compared to the characters. There doesn’t really seem to be any point in setting it in Japan, but it does make for some very pretty costumes and settings. One character in particular strikes me, and that is Aliena. Cousin to the main character Rosalind, she was rather cast-aside in the original; this film version gives her a role as pastoral shepherdess and outfits her in florals, sage green, and hip-length blond hair woven with flowers.

She starts out the movie as a courtier named Celia, all curled-updo and satin corsetry:

Celia, in blue, before the exile

Rosalind is exiled, and Celia sneaks away with her, calling herself Aliena (“the estranged one,” according to my textbook) to Rosalind’s new pseudonym “Ganymede.”  However, after entering the forest of Arden, she finds herself exhausted and distressed, not having realized what she got herself into. She becomes tousled and unkempt, her appearance mirroring her fatigue:

Disheveled Aliena with Touchstone the fool

All she wants is a place to rest and food to eat! Once she gets these and becomes comfortable in her surroundings, she accepts the pastoral life Fortune has temporarily provided her with:

Aliena, mori-style

I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this look. If I could drses like this everyday I think I could die happy!

Aliena by herlumpiness
Get that look:
  • Use soft, dusty pastels like sage, rose, or cream
  • Use a ruffled bolero to allude to her ruffled overdress
  • Keep make-up and hair natural; a bit of just-kissed-pink gloss, cream shadow, and tousled hair
  • Don’t overdo accessories – use rose corsages or make yourself a flower crown out of fake flowers, or even real if they’re blooming for you!
  • In my mind, Aliena is barefoot, but as this isn’t really too practical for her as a shepherdess or you in the modern world, break lolita convention and go for a pair of sturdy yet comfy gladiator sandals, as in my imagination all historical fashions favored.
For those of you who are into Shakespeare, I… don’t recommend this movie or even the original play. However, for those of you who are interested in period drama and enjoy historical costume, beautiful imagery, and quotable characters, definitely check this version out. Anyone interested in boystyle? Check out Rosalind as Ganymede – hottie!

Bryce Dallas Howard as Ganymede/Rosalind, in brown

Though I must admit, Orlando is quite a looker himself. I… don’t know who that other man is.

Cropped Coifs

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Before cutting my hair, I did a demonstration of some of my favorite styles. Now that I’m getting used to my new coif, I think I’ll talk a bit about working with short hair for my fellow cropped cuties!

First of all, short hair itself is often regarded as more of a style than long, so it requires less effort. That doesn’t mean you get to slack off, though! If anything, it means you need to take better care of your hair. Short hair shows greasiness and frizziness much more than long in my experience, so get a few good products or procedures you swear by – for example, I wash my hair with baking soda &vinegar right before I go to bed, then sleep on it, scrunching it to form curls periodically while I’m trying to fall asleep. Keeping your hair clean, shiny, &healthy is important no matter the length, &it is especially so for us shorties because we’ll have less going on with the way we style it. Have a few stand-bys for bad hair day protection – longer hair can just be put into a bun or braid, but for us, not so much! Almost all of my friends swear by snoods, but other hats or claw clips if your hair is long enough will work well too. And for prevention, invest in a good dry shampoo, which will clean your hair without being washed out if you’re in a rush, or keep some baking soda or baby powder on hand &lightly run it through your hair from roots to tip. It’ll dry up the grease &ickiness, but don’t do this for more than one day in a row or it’ll be noticeable.

When I had long hair, I used it to accessorize itself – tiny braids or loose loops were staples for lazy days because they could hang with my waves or be pinned back for extra cute. Now, however, I find myself relying much more on outside implements like clips, headbands, and hairbows. I got a pack of glittery, bright-colored clips from Hot Topic on super-sale recently that I adore, which I really recommend – keep a few hair clips or bobbypins in your purse in case you find yourself wanting to snazz up a bit in a pinch. It’s very important to invest in accessories if you have short hair – cute little star-shaped hair gems,  flower bobbypins, and feathered headbands are all some of my favorites for daily wear. For lolita, I wear… well, all of those of course, but also mini-hats, hair bows on elastics or bobby pins, and of course, headbows. The latter presents its own unique challenges – long hair will be able to hold its own with a huge, head-eating bow, but short hair needs to be highly teased or otherwise styled HUEG so it doesn’t just look flat &dead in comparison to your big, perky bow. However, a side bow looks very sweet with short hair of almost any type – curly, straight, boy-short, etc – and depending on your type of hair you can vary the size &style. For example, a long, flattish sidebow looks nice when my hair is curly, but when it’s straight I prefer a double-sidebow headband. Do your own experimentation, though – head to your local Claire’s or Icing store &try on their selection to see what works best for you.

So, what can you do? Here’s a brainstorm of some of my favorites:

  • Pull the front sides back &secure with a barrette or bobby pins and a bow comb. Bonus points if you brain them!
  • Similarly, starting at your part, twist the hair tightly in on itself all the way across your hairline, behind your bangs if you have them. Secure behind your ear with a bobby pin. Cover the pin with a rose corsage.
  • Gather all of your hair across the crown by inserting your thumbs behind your ears and pulling back. Secure with a ponytail, then curl the shit out of it. Top with a tiara.
  • Too short for pigtails? Using a similar method as above, gather the hair from your crown into two small ponytails above and slightly behind your ears. Use small bows or hair clips in these so the accessory doesn’t overwhelm the style.
  • If your hair is at least chin-length, you can probably do french braids if not regular ones. Try two small ones, it’s easier one short hair than one because the hair doesn’t have to reach as far to join the braid.
  • Put your hair in pin curls before bed. Wake up &take them out. Instant pseudo-curl-fro – tease to enhance! Wear a small sidebow with it.
  • In the end, if you miss long hair, you can always buy a wig or clip-in extensions – they’re easier to wear with short hair sometimes, too!

Lolita Survival Kits

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Just imagine – you’ve spent hours getting ready, perfecting your outfit and hair and make-up. You arrive at the ball, give your hair a little fluff in a window’s reflection, and then, horrified, you see it. Whatever it is, you are mortified- how could you let this happen?! It was a horrible slight of judgment – how could you have forgotten _____?! Don’t panic– you have your Lolita Survival Kit!

Level 1 – things to throw in the bottom of your purse before you leave:

  • Bobby pins and/or hair things
  • Tide-to-go pen
  • Lipgloss and mascara (both are make-up secret weapons, the two things that can most refresh your look)

Level 2 – keep in a little pouch, grab it on the way out the door:

  • A travel-sized bottle of perfume
  • Needle and thread and a few safety pins
  • Make-up remover, for smeared mascara or eye liner
  • Wisp toothbrush
  • Extra cash
  • Extra batteries for your camera
  • Tweezers

Level 3 – keep in the back seat of your car

  • A pair of pajamas for surprise slumber parties
  • Toiletries like deodorant and a toothbrush, also for surprise slumber parties
  • A change of shoes in case you step in mud or your shoes are somehow inappropriate – a picnic with friends is rained out and your heels aren’t appropriate for clomping through the mall instead
  • Emergency weather clothes – gloves, hat, and scarf in the winter, tanktop and sandals in the summer
  • Extra cash, just in case – mentioned above but it bears repeating! You never know when you’ll get lost and encounter a toll bridge
  • Rations – some candy, a granola bar – something not likely to spoil, just in case you go to a meet-up to find nothing you can eat. Don’t pass out driving home after wards – just nibble your rations!
  • A book, in case you need to wait for someone.
  • A comfy cutsew dress, in case you spill something on your skirt and need to change
  • A cellphone charger, to reduce the risk of being stranded communicationless

Your lolita survival kit will make any situation managable. Never fear make-up mistakes, follicle follies, or other awful alliterations again. Build your own today!

Taking Tea

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image care of we heart it

I’ve been interested in tea very seriously for years. Ever since I started this blog, I’ve been meaning to do an informational tea post, but I’ve kept putting it off or for forgetting about it. Carolyn of F* Yeah Lolita’s recent post about exquisite teas got my blood pumping again, and, doki-doki-ing away, I didn’t have any choice but to write up my own article!

So, why drink tea? Of course it is ~so lolita~, but why? Well, if you consider its fabled health benefits, it may not be a surprise; while being incredibly beneficial to one’s heart and immune system, it is also said to be good for the nails and hair, while boosting the metabolism and fighting diabetes (both important when nomming away on cakes at a tea party!). Green tea especially also employs a unique combination of chemicals: EGCG, L-theanine, and caffeine. These chemicals combine in an interesting way- the caffeine affects your body in a similar way as it does in coffee or soda, but the L-theanine and EGCG put your brain into alpha, relaxed brain waves instead of beta brain waves (which is considered the unhealthy “fight-or-flight” reaction) as is usual with caffeine consumption. What this means is that your metabolism is boosted and you feel more alert, but the uncomfortable anxiousness and nervousness are assuaged. There is also much less caffeine in tea (around 15 – 60 mg) than in other caffeinated substances, with soda at 80 -140 mg and coffee at 60 – 200 mg. This is why people trying to wean off the substance are recommended to switch a few cups of coffee to a few cups of tea a day.

So, what different types of tea are there? Technically, the three main types are black, white, and green. These all come from the same plant (Camellia Sinensis) and use the leaves; however, the difference in them is the fermentation, which affects each type profoundly. Black tea, the most common, is fermented longest; it’s considered “fully-fermented,” though technically the term “fermentation” is a bit of a misnomer in and of itself, because the process we give this name to is actually just allowing the tea to oxidize during the drying process- black tea is allowed to dry longest, and thus loses a lot of properties that less-fermented green and white teas keep in tact. The next level of fermentation is green tea, which, as stated above, keeps chemicals such as EGCG that black tea looses. White tea is considered the most healthful and luxurious, as it undergoes much more careful handling and a shorter drying period, keeping the most chemicals and health benefits. White tea drying methods are also used in Silver Tips tea, which is usually the most expensive type: this tea uses only first-flush young leaves (the newest, youngest, most tender leaves from the first harvest of the season) – if you can get your hands on this I really recommend it! Beyond those, anything else is considered an “herbal” tea, or tisane (pronounced “tee-zahn”) – the only “true” teas are those using leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant.

Now you know what type of tea you want to go for. Your next question is, loose leaf or bag tea? There are pros and cons for each choice. For example, bag teas are cheaper and more convenient, but you have to be more careful – a lot of tea bags are mostly filings, which are very low-quality “fillers.” You have a much better chance of quality control if you go with loose leaf, as well as superior taste and more blending capabilities – obviously, I recommend loose leaf, but it’s a bit pricier (look to pay $3 – 15 per ounce, with 3 – 4 servings per ounce) and harder to get a hold of. Try your local health food store, or online – my personal favorite sites are Rishi Tea and DiviniTea. They’re also both Fair Trade, organic, and kosher, all of which are important to me personally. What that means is that the teas were produced by workers in fair, safe conditions without the use of harmful chemicals, using only the best ingredients – I recommend checking packages and looking for certification for all three when buying teas. For a loose leaf tea, you’ll need an infuser of some sort  – this can be an individual teacup, a whole teapot, or even a french press (my favorite is this one from Rishi Tea). You can even steep the leaves in a normal teapot, then strain it when you pour it into the individual cup. If you want more tips on the best way to brew Western tea, check out Victoria Suzanne’s post here.

I have a deep personal love of tea. I spent six month working in an organic hippie tearoom, and it was by far the best six months of my life. I learned so much more about tea than I ever thought was possible, and from this I learned more than I could have ever expected about myself, inner peace, and balance. There so are many reasons people drink tea- love of the taste, its possible health benefits, or for the pure aesthetic value of taking tea with friends. What’s your reason?

Decor: Little Bits

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marginally related image c/o we heart it

Between redoing my room at my parents’ house, planningmy move back to school, and working for a kitchen appliance company that is expected to be fluent in interior design, I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about decor. Today I was going through the newest issue of a design magazine we carry and was stunned by the trends I noticed – light, airy colors with Victorian detailing and scrollwork in the moldingwere greatly appreciated, but the thing that made me doki-doki most was the use of everyday items as focal points- things that may have been put there to grab attention but also look like they were just sort of put there, grew accustomed to their new homes, and never left.  I love this trend – it seems so natural &organic to me. It’s also a really easy way to transform a room – clear off a table and add a sweet, simple centerpiece and you can really transform a room.

I’ve put together a few ideas for simple, quick attention grabbers based on what I’ve been seeing in design magazines. I tried to base these around a sort of dreamy, fairytale-y, vintage-y aesthetic that I think my darling lolis would find inspiring. Hopefully these will help you all add a little more romance to your room!

  • Buy a few pretty, intricate photo frames. Instead of pictures, put a black and white print, a small mirror, or even a handmade silhouette!
  • Cake stands &tea trays: Use these to display little tchotkes, jewelry, or even as a perch for your picture frames.
  • A vintage tea set would look adorable as a focal point on top of a dresser, breakfast table, or vanity – bonus points on the latter if you use the sugarbowl &cream pitcher to hold your jewelry! Or even make-up – imagine an array of colored eyeliner pencils and mascaras sticking out of a little teapot.
  • Everyone knows a bouquet of flowers will do wonders for brightening and perfuming any room, but if you’re looking for a more natural, organic feel, try a bundle of herbs like lavender or mint instead.
  • If you DO want flowers, get a low, shallow bowl, fill it with water, &float some blossoms in it. Please note that flowers will die sooner in this method than a vase!
  • If you’d rather get some more lifetime out of your bouquet, get a pretty glass wine bottle, remove the label, and use it as a vase for a bouquet of long-stemmed wildflowers, like Queen Anne’s Lace of a branch of forsythia.
  • Buy (or convince someone to give you!) a bouquet of roses. Instead of throwing them out when they start getting brown, tie the stems together with a string and hang them upside down to dry. Gravity will keep them from getting wilted, so once they’re totally dry you can put them in the vessel of your choice or – as I prefer – just leave them hanging by a window or on the outside of your door.
  • Leave china teacups of potpourri around – customize the blend with hand-dried roses from above.
  • Fill small, decorative bowls with prettily-wrapped candy and leave it on your bedside table or the shelf of a bookcase.
  • Buy an empty glass lamp from your local craft store. Fill it with shells, buttons, fake flowers, or anything else that suits your fancy.
  • Use colored lightbulbs in a few lamps or sconces. I used to have amber ones in mine, and it gave my room a dreamy look like it was eternally sunset.
  • Fill your room with vintage clocks of all types. Watches hanging from a nail to the wall, alarm clocks on the bureau – to make it even more Wonderland, set them all to a different time.
  • If you have a dressform, dress it in that dream coordinate that you always want to wear but never have an excuse to.

Happy Holidays from Miss Lumpy!

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Happy Holidays!

Miss Lumpy wishes you all a happy whatever!

The Holidays are here! Technically, my holiday was yesterday, but I know that I’m the minority here – even in my own family! Since I’m going to be celebrating Christmas with my family, I decided to doctor up some recipes for the holiday. They’re really very simple &are made with things I had around the pantry (though I have a slightly odd assortment of ingredients between my mother &I), so I figured they may make excellent additions to a familial holiday celebration or winter lolita meetup.

Coconut White Hot Chocolate


  • 1 cup of white chocolate chips
  • about 3 cups of of whole milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon coconut extract

First, use a double-boiler to melt the chocolate chips. If you don’t have one, you can use a saucepan with simmering water and a glass or metal bowl on top of it. The bowl should be just a bit bigger than the saucepan, and the water should come to just below the bottom of the bowl (not touching it). Pour chips into the bowl  and stir constantly (use a potholder to hold the bowl steady!) Once they begin to melt, slowly add the milk, first by a few tablespoons at a time, then as it becomes more liquidy you can add it in larger amounts. Once fully melted, dump out the water (dry the pan well, as any water leftover could compromise the consistency) and transfer your chocolate mixture to the pan. Over medium heat, stir in the extracts and remaining milk until it reaches desired consistency. Serve warm in a porcelain teacup with whipped cream, preferably after an afternoon building snowmen or (in my case) driving through a blizzard!

Peppermint Cake Cookies


  • 1 box of chocolate cake mix (I used Devil’s Food)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • Andes Mints, to garnish
  • Peppermint extract to taste (optional)

Preheat over to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Combine first three ingredients in a medium-sized mising bowl. With a wooden spoon, mix until well-combined (the dought shoul mostly stick togbether – don’t over-mix!), then use a tablespoon to shape into balls. Put on a parchment-lined cookie sheet and flatten slightly, so they make small, thick disks. Your yeild will depend on the size of the cookies- I got about a dozen and a half from 1.5″ diameter disks. As for the Andes mints, I used baking chips but if you can’t find those you can cut the little bar-shaped ones into small pieces and either sprinkle a few on top or just put a single piece, cut to the size of your cookie. Either way, push them into the cookie a little bit so they bake into it and don’t fall off when they’re done. Bake time varies greatly between ovens and cookie size, but I would give it between 7 – 15 minutes. Serve hot!! The chocolate is melty &the cookies are moist, but they’re still delicious cool too. This is a great recipe for last-minute parties, or for the not-so-seasoned baker to bring to a meetup, or to pull together quickly for snuggling with your sweetie &watching the snow fall with a mug of tea.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope you have a great one, &I hope you guys try out these recipes! Maybe you can even start a new family tradition 🙂

(Southern Hemisphere- apologies for the completely winter-centric post!)

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