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On Sunday Victoria Suzanne and I decided to have a craft day, where we made old-fashioned silhouettes to decorate our rooms. She’s going to be posting her how-to and pictures on Lolita Charm soon, but until then, here’s the one I made:

silhouette copy

Classic-style silhouette

Victoria went for a sweet sytle on pastel rainbow paper, so I decided to go for a more classic look in black and white with pearls and roses. I used self-adhesive pearls, embossed rubber stamps, and a fancy cutout to decorate mine. My profile was slightly obscured by my bangs (that’s a curl, not eyelashes, but I think it’s cute as either!), and the headband is a little wiggly, but I still love how it turned out. It isn’t mounted to the card in the picture – I’m going to mount it on a powder blue paper with a ring of ivory behind it, then put it in a nice frame and/or figure out a way to hang it on my wall. I don’t think double-sided tape will work too well on this one, but hey, you never know.

Anyone who wants instructions, keep checking back on Lolita Charm – she’ll probably post them within a few days!

By any other name

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Rose by binha_dp on flickr

Rose by binha_dh on flickr

Circus, ballet, mermaids… lolitas like themes. And while some prints become iconic, you have to admit that, as a group, we can be somewhat fickle when it comes to our obsessions. One season it’s children’s toys, the next it’s sweets, the next everything is covered in bows-on-bows-on-bows. However, there is one symbol that has become eternal in our silly little fashion, appearing season after season: The rose.

Why is this? Versatility, methinks. The rose can be pinned onto any subcategory of lolita without being out of place: bubblegum pink for sweet, cream for classic, deep blood red for gothic, etc. – the only exception, I’d say, would be sailor, but I’m not dismissing even that completely. Whether it’s attached to a headdress or woven into lace, the rose is a symbol that I think we, as a collective, are happily stuck with. With spring approaching, I personally am looking forward to incorporating the rose and other lovely flowers into my life in many ways, and of course this would include lolita.

But how, Lumpy? you ask. Flowers are expensive, and unlike a bouquet of buttons or a corsage of ribbons, fresh roses will wilt and die. Ahh, my children, you have much to learn. Namely about the wonders of the craft store.

Yes, of course I mean fake flowers. How else could you expect to coordinate them all season, and for many seasons to come? However, this doesn’t solve the pr0blem completely- now that I have my fake flowers, what I do wiff it? Well, that’s what I’d like to talk about today.

First of all, a pin or brooch pin (you know- they have flat tops to attach to brooches, and some sort of fancy hook on the other side) would be very helpful, and mot of these ideas would be made much more difficult without hot glue, though those that are attached to fabric in some way could, I suppose, be sewn on, and I’m sure wire would work  just as well or better than glue for some. However, I’m sticking to that which I know: A pin, hot glue, and your flower of choice, obviously in a shade that best matches your wardrobe or the outfit you want to coordinate with. Next, connect.

Tada! You’re done!

Wait… what? That wasn’t helpful at all! Okay, okay, so that was a cop-out. Sorry all. Here are some ideas I’ve found or come up with for your new rose-(or daisy-, or peony-)brooch.

Pin it to:

  • The front of your blouse (over the top button) for a pop of color and theme to a plain top
  • The middle section of your headbow, or any large bows you have along the hemline or neckline of your outfit
  • The zipper of your purse, or where the handles connect to the main body of the bag
  • The ends of your braided pigtails
  • Your shoe straps, if applicable
  • The top of a bustle- super-cute if attached to a bow at the top of the bustle!

If you’re more interested in your coiffure than your ensemble, here are some ideas ganked from the big brands:

  1. Rose hairband from Victorian Maiden
  2. Rose headdress from Mary Magdalene
  3. Simple rose hairpiece from Mary Magdalene
  4. Beret with roses and ribbon from Mary Magdalene
  5. Rose bow combs from BABY, The Stars Shine Bright
  6. Rose and lace headband from BABY, The Stars Shine Bright

Don’t limit yourself to just roses, of course- imagine those rose bow combs with daisies instead, or stick a white lily into your curls, or even just go to a local meadow (for a picnic, maybe?) and pick some widlflowers to braid into your hair or weave into crowns. Not so crafty? Buy a single long-stemmed rose in a color that matches your coordinate and tie a length of ribbon just under the bloom – voila! Instant, seasonally-appropriate scepter!

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