Daily Outfit 3/10/10

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Classic lolita for errands/date day in the city! My boyfriend &I went to hang out around the East Village so I could pick up G&LE. We also stopped &got bubble tea &some amazing Japanese food. Exhausting but fun day!

Daily outfit 3/10/10

My hair looks so short in the little pigtails!


  • Blouse: Innocent World
  • “Cincher”: Forever 21
  • Skirt: Bodyline
  • Socks: Secret Shop
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Hairbows: BABY
  • Lace tights: offbrand

Note to self: This skirt likes more poof! More petti next time.

Zodiac-loli: Fire Signs

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Onto the fire signs: Leo, Aries, &Sagittarius. I definitely underestimated the amount of work this would be! Three-quarters of the way there…

Leo v1 by herlumpiness

Leo v1

Leo, the Lion: I adore Leos. I find them utterly hilarious and totally endearing. They’re energetic lover of attention – and have you seen their hair? (Side note- Leos LOVE their hair. I have a dear friend who’s a Leo ascendant, which means that whenever she’s uncomfortable she gets Leonine tendencies, so whenever she’s angry she’s really quite funny to watch – “You know what? Fuck him! He does NOT deserve me. He’d better just not cry himself to sleep every night when he realizes what he’s missing out on!! Can I borrow a comb? I need to tease my pigtails.”) Their love of attention, color, and brightness makes them very suited for OTT sweet, even bordering on gyaru. Their confidence doesn’t stop at their hair – they love their bodies, or at least outwardly act as they do, so showing a little leg shouldn’t be unsurprising for a Leo Lolita. Their confidence also spreads to creativity; they like to be praised, so they follow the rules, but they’re definitely innovative. Also, name brands. If Virgo is dressed in an exquisite dress that you just KNOW is brand without them having to proclaim it, Leo is the one with logos on every item they’re wearing, or the uber-print that everyone can recognize on site. Virgo is Innocent World; Leo is Angelic Pretty.

Aries v1 by herlumpiness on Polyvore.com

Aries v1

Aries, the Ram: Rules? What rules? Aries is the sign of Mars, so these people are passionate individuals, natural leaders, and very emotion-driven. Aries is the type of sign who throws open their closet and puts on whatever ~feels right~ to them at that moment, the type to change outfits a hundred times a day, the type who either looks like they’ve just stepped off the pages of Alice Deco or who looks a hot mess. Another sign whose personal style varies greatly on the individual themselves, and in fact can vary greatly from one day (or even moment) to the next, they’re also hard to categorize. Personally I’d say that Aries, another fire sign and like Leo a lover of attention, would go for over-the-top- probably not sweet, as they have a flair for darker, more dramatic styles, but whatever they’re doing is going to be big. They’re often foolhardy daredevils and are just as likely to get hundreds of comments on daily_lolita as they are to be posted to /cgl for their utter wtf-ery. As I said above, they’re ruled by Mars, planet of passion, so these are very sensuous people; my Arian lolita here channels Mars by leaning heavily toward ero-lolita. However, Ram-lolis aren’t all sex; all Arians still have a lamb hiding inside them, and lolitas have less trouble showing this than non-loli Rams. Colors for Aries are reds, purples, maybe royal blue – anything deep and brilliant. Black is a definite contender, but only if paired with bright or eye-catching colors like the above or maybe bright, metallic gold.

Sagittarius v1 by herlumpiness

Sagittarius v1

Sagittarius, the Archer: Jen, on Sagittarius: “Sag is like… the kind of girl who’d be taking a walk in the park, then break into a run, then trip &fall over into the grass, then roll around in it until her hair was full of twigs &leaves &flowers… &then stand up and continue on with her day.” There’s little else to say than this: Sagittarius is the ultimate mori-girl. She loves layers of soft, earthy fabrics, she dresses almost solely for comfort; she is “immaculate in her disorder,” as Jen puts it. Make-up is natural for a Sag, or not at all – she’d much rather go for some natural lip balm. Jen relates Sagittarians to horses, which I can see, but from the Sags I’ve seen, birds and bird motifs seem to appeal to Sagittarius-loli. For colors, husky brown, earthy turquoise, and a soft, dusty purple are favored.

Other signs:

Zodiac-loli: Earth Signs and Introduction

Zodiac-loli: Air Signs

Zodiac Loli: Air Signs

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Continuing my Zodiac Loli series today with air signs! Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius lolis ahead:

Gemini v1 by herlumpiness featuring Tarina Tarantino jewelry

Gemini v1

Gemini, the Twins: Gemini is, first and foremost, the eternal child. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of information, intellect, and communication, which these days translates into, of course, the Internet. The Gemini lolita is tech-savvy, up on all the recent drama, checks the community twenty times a day, though they may or may not really be very active. Their childlike nature (“childlike,” remember, is a very different word than “childish.” Gemini is very mature, just with an eternal youthfulness) creates in them a creativity with their wardrobe, as well as a love of color &frivolousness – fairy-loli is where it’s at for these ladies. The keywords here are eccentric, eye-catching, and experimental. If there is any possible way it can be neon or brightly-colored, it will be.

Libra v1 by herlumpiness featuring Juicy Couture jewelry

Libra v1

Libra, the Scales: Libra is noted as having an air of mellow relaxation. They are very elegant and refined, turning their noses up at the mundane. They’re definitely the type to enjoy the luxury of brand names, but it’s more important for them to enjoy the fit, quality, and style of each piece they own than just to be decked out head-to-toe. They’re also ruled by Venus, like my beloved Taurus, so luxury &beauty is very important to them, as well as actualizing both qualities into their daily life. Librans love textures, from opulent ones like organza and fur to rustic straw hats and thick woolen socks. They’re also very charmed by accessories, so they’re likely to pile them on – remember, though, that Librans are the epitome of taste and elegance and will never look overdone or out of place. Colors associated with Libra-the-lolita are earthy but elegant, like brass, antique gold, and light brown.

Aquarius v1 by herlumpiness featuring Masquerade shoes

Aquarius v1

Aquarius, the Water Bearer: Aquarius means business. Aquarius knows exactly how it wants to look, what it wants to wear, and the exact image it gives off. The water-bearer does not fool around when it comes to fashion; they will bend over backwards for no magazine! They create their own rules – I remember an Aquarian lolita once telling me “I’m giving up socks. I’m not going to wear knee-socks or OTKs or any of it anymore. It’s either tights or nothing. Socks are just not elegant enough.” And once an Aquarian decides something, it is decided. They have a pioneering edge that will not give up, will always be trying something new. Aquarius is, however, the water-bearer. She is very intimately close with water, which is ever-moving and ever-changing, so the Aquarian style is ever-evolving, always pushing the envelope, always trying to find a way to perfectly channel themselves. They’re very given to historical inspiration; almost all of the Aquarian lolitas I’ve encountered are classic or at least have a great personal interest in history. Jen associates the Aquarian lolita with the colors dark brown, sky blue, white and maaaaybe light pink, depending on the person’s individual style. But remember, Aquarius is not one to be defined, and could very well be absolutely nothing like this. The point with Aquarius is individuality.

Other signs:

Zodiac Loli: Earth Signs &Introduction

Daily Outfit 2/21/10

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Outfit for Chocopologie meet-up

I hosted a belated Valentine’s Day meet-up at Chocopologie on Sunday, and this is what I wore. After lunch, we went to a local museum to take pictures on the grounds – look forward to more meet-up pictures soon!


  • Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
  • Blouse: Innocent World
  • Skirt: Mew
  • Socks: Secret Shop
  • Headbow: Bought at Otakon

Interested in more? Here’s Carolyn’s post over at F*** Yeah Lolita. Thanks to everyone who attended, you were great!

(Also – approaching Miss Lumpy’s 100th post! Look for the chance to win some goodies in the next week or so.)

Daily Outfit 12/27/09

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Last Saturday, Victoria Suzanne &I met up with Crystal to traipse about the beautiful grounds of Wadsworth Manor in Middletown, CT and then warm up with lattes from Klekolo coffee shop.

The beginning of our journey!

At the entrance to the ground there was this adorable bridge, so we had to pause our expedition for a few photographs. We soon moved onwards, though, &after a bit of a hike through the woods, we came upon what must be a beautiful garden in the summertime, but at the moment was only a field of snow with a cute garden shed, with architecture mimicking the original structure’s.

the fairies' mansion

&I wore…



  • Dress: Angelic Pretty
  • Blouse &Purse: Innocent World
  • Socks &bow: BABY
  • Boots: Vintage

Some might say the boots don’t match. To this I say SHOVE IT! 😛 My feet were kept warm  &dry even after trudging through snowbanks, &besides, I think they’re pretty cute.

outside the manor

Daily Outfit 12/5/09

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Lolita Day Winter 09Last Saturday was International Lolita Day 2009 v2.0, Winter Edition! Victoria Suzanne &I trekked to Queens to join the NYC lolitas at Rose House, a gorgeous English-style teahouse in Flushing. The princess-themed meetup had about 30+/- attendees, some of whom were already friends, while there were others I had never met.


Daily outfit 12/5/09

I wore:

  • Bolero: BABY, the Stars Shine Bright
  • Blouse: Forever21
  • JSK: Metamorphose
  • Bow brooch: mintymix on livejournal
  • Purse: Sanrio
  • Tiara: Claire’s
  • Tights: Offbrand
  • Socks: Angelic Pretty
  • Invisible shoes: Payless
  • Gloves (removed almost immediately): Vintage

It was so much fun, &I owe it all to my lovely darling cupcakeface Victoria Suzanne (also, my spellchecker isn’t correcting me on “cupcakeface” &I adore it) who bought my ticket for me as a Christmas present. I love you lumpsicle!!

Vix & Aly

Wish I could say this was posed!

I was sleepy from working all day so I took a nap on Victoria’s shoulder, only to open my eyes to cameras! Paparazzi 😛

Sleepy Aly

thus, I slept on a chair.

It was so amazing to see everyone again, and to meet all you wonderful ladies I hadn’t seen before! The food was excellent, the tea was exceptional, and the company was spectacular as always 🙂

Martha &I in the Rose Chairs




Victoria Suzanne &I Swan Lake twinning

Also, I tried BB Cream care of Victoria for these pictures – I totally agree with everything she says in this review 🙂 just throwing in my two cents!

(aaaaaand now back to my Philosophy paper I’ve been putting off all day… >.>)

(note: I typed this entry up two weeks ago but for some reason it was never posted! strange strange. Well, here it is now!)

Daily Outfit 11/17/09

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11/17/09 - Full outfit

This Sunday, Victoria Suzanne &I headed on down to NYC for to film with the New York lolitas for Japanese television company Fuji TV. I don’t know many details about the finished product, but I assume they’re doing a piece on Japanese fashion outside of Japan – maybe lolita specifically, maybe not. DUH! Sorry, I don’t know anything else – I just went &did what I was told, which mostly ended up being shopping, ice skating, &interviews. Simple enough, but so much fun!




  • Dress: BABY, the Stars Shine Bright
  • Hat: Vintage find from my aunt!
  • Tote: Hello Kitty
  • Everything else: Offbrand

My aunt sent me a small package of vintage goodness this week – three hats! The one pictured, a navy wool one with pheasant-like feathers (will be great for the winter!), and a cream silk circlet of some sort, with ruffles &a huge rhinestone. I don’t really know what it is or how to wear it, but hey, it’s pretty!

Make-up shot

You can’t really tell, but I’m wearing bright turquoise eyeshadow as well as my PEARLED FAKE LASHES! Sorry, give me a minute – I still cannot get over these! Okay, I’m back. Because I went for the dramatic eye, I decided to opt for a nude lip with a little gold glitter lipgloss, and some blush to even out the look. Also, do note the Hello Kitty rhinestoned earbud. J’adore!!

I had so much fun at the holiday market at Bryant Park, as well as ice skating with everyone!! My friends &I already have plans to go back after Thanksgiving. We also met a group of FIT photography students who ambushed us paparazzi-style. I gave two of the girls my name,&they’ve added me on facebook &promise to post the photos they took of us; a friend of mine is also interested in getting into photography &asked me to model for her portfolio, which I of course accepted, so look forward to both of those in the near future!

Daily Outfit: 9/2/09

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Was it the 2nd? I’m not sure. Anyway, first time wearing my new Royal Poodle OP! Joygasm! It’s so pretty, I wasn’t really interested in it when I saw it online, but when I saw it in person I had to have it!! Luckily, my darling Julia preferred my BtSSB lucky pack to her Royal Poodle, so we traded &I am infinitely happier now.

Daily Outfit 9/2/09

Daily Outfit 9/2/09


  • Dress: Angelic Pretty
  • Hairbow &socks: BABY, the Stars Shine Bright
  • Heart purse: H&M
  • Shoes: offbrand via LJ user pancakebear

This outfit was for gallivanting around campus with the ever-adorable Victoria Suzanne of Lolita Charm. We chose  one of the older halls on campus for this photo – it’s really lovely! All white marble &engraved lettering (the only building on campus that has original lettering as well as the new plastic signs), with a huge canopy of a tree in front of it surrounded by benches &flowers. Victoria has some more photos coming of our frolicking that day, and maybe a video as well? Stay tuned to find out! 🙂

Daily Outfit: 8/23/09

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feetsI’m pretty sure everyone here knows of my amour for the darling Victoria Suzanne of Lolita Charm, but as of this Sunday it has hereby intensified to most epic of proportions. She was graced with the opportunity to review some samples of mineral makeup from Aromaleigh’s new Gothic Lolita line &did me the favor of asking for my help – as a face, photographer, make-up artist, and vocal opinionator (which is actually a real word! Who knew!). We were joined by the ever-fashionable, incredibly talented Julia of Goodnight Miss Princess.

Creative outfit shots take 1

Creative outfit shots take 1 - bloomers present, promise!

We decided to try some more creative poses for outfit shots. However, in our zeal, we… seem to have forgotten to take normal ones. Whups.


  • Hairbow, cutsew: BABY, the Stars Shine Bright
  • Skirt: AYA
  • Socks: Target?
  • Shoes: Livejournal user pancakebear


…is actually a kick. You know, just to keep your victim on his toes. I won’t apologize for my expression. Balancing like that is hard!

Creative outfit shot take 3

Creepy Creative outfit shot take 3

BABY cutsews have weird little notches cut out of the hems at the sideseems. Why is that? I don’t like it. Here, you may see my belly- it was too hot for an undershirt, &the shirt itself is perfectly opaque. I am unrepentant!

Keep an eye on Lolita Charm for Victoria Suzanne’s review of the cosmetics we tried! I can’t say much until she releases it, but off the record, know that the three of us are all planning a group order soon!!

Mini-post: Steamlita

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Steamlita by evil_neko on Polyvore.com
I’ve been getting into steampunk lolita (“Steamlita,” as I’ve heard it called most), so I made a relatively quick polyvore of a steamlita outfit I’d love to have. Not sure who the cahracter is, but someone cutesier than most steam characters – a renegade princess, perhaps?
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