Daily Outfit 2/21/10

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Outfit for Chocopologie meet-up

I hosted a belated Valentine’s Day meet-up at Chocopologie on Sunday, and this is what I wore. After lunch, we went to a local museum to take pictures on the grounds – look forward to more meet-up pictures soon!


  • Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
  • Blouse: Innocent World
  • Skirt: Mew
  • Socks: Secret Shop
  • Headbow: Bought at Otakon

Interested in more? Here’s Carolyn’s post over at F*** Yeah Lolita. Thanks to everyone who attended, you were great!

(Also – approaching Miss Lumpy’s 100th post! Look for the chance to win some goodies in the next week or so.)

Daily Outfits: 1/13 and 2/7

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Daily Outfit 1/13/09

Alice-y to sit in on my boyfriend’s band practice. Luckily, the practice space they rent is downstairs from Nirvana, a health food/smoothie shop, so I sat upstairs slurping a pineapple banana smoothie &listening to the music as diffused by the floorboards. It was probably for the best – the Open Mic Night crew came in &started setting up half an hour early, so  I was glad  I was there to give them dirty looks when they started playing over each other. Dammit, those open mic guys aren’t paying for the space – someone should’ve given them the old what-for! If I’m too hsy for that, at least I can give them the old stink-eye…


  • Blue cutsew: Angelic Pretty
  • White cutsew-blouse: Innocent World
  • Skirt: Mew
  • Socks: Secret Shop AP replicas
  • Bow: Bought at Otakon
  • Neckalce: Lolitas N Cream

So since the above picture is pretty shitty, I’m combining two outfits into one post. Also… I wanna show off my new hair!

Daily Outfit 2/7/09

Worn for a day of making Valentines with Victoria Suzanne. I’m going to be hosting a Valentine’s-themed meet-up later this month, so I’m getting started on little favors for my attendees. This was what I wore for craft day. I did pretty well, almost halfway done with 20 unique Valentine postcards. I’d consider that a success!


  • Dress: BABY, the Stars Shine Bright
  • Custew: Innocent World
  • Headband: Offbrand, ganked from Vix
  • Socks: Secret Shop IW replicas
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Jewelry: Bracelet from Otakon, necklace from Lolitas N Cream

Also, here’s my new f*cking haircut!! Hairstyle, really – I gave myself bangs again &dyed my hair redder. This picture doesn’t really show it well, so I offer you my bedazzled facebook picture instead:

What do you think?

Daily Outfit 12/27/09

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Last Saturday, Victoria Suzanne &I met up with Crystal to traipse about the beautiful grounds of Wadsworth Manor in Middletown, CT and then warm up with lattes from Klekolo coffee shop.

The beginning of our journey!

At the entrance to the ground there was this adorable bridge, so we had to pause our expedition for a few photographs. We soon moved onwards, though, &after a bit of a hike through the woods, we came upon what must be a beautiful garden in the summertime, but at the moment was only a field of snow with a cute garden shed, with architecture mimicking the original structure’s.

the fairies' mansion

&I wore…



  • Dress: Angelic Pretty
  • Blouse &Purse: Innocent World
  • Socks &bow: BABY
  • Boots: Vintage

Some might say the boots don’t match. To this I say SHOVE IT! 😛 My feet were kept warm  &dry even after trudging through snowbanks, &besides, I think they’re pretty cute.

outside the manor

Daily Outfit 11/17/09

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11/17/09 - Full outfit

This Sunday, Victoria Suzanne &I headed on down to NYC for to film with the New York lolitas for Japanese television company Fuji TV. I don’t know many details about the finished product, but I assume they’re doing a piece on Japanese fashion outside of Japan – maybe lolita specifically, maybe not. DUH! Sorry, I don’t know anything else – I just went &did what I was told, which mostly ended up being shopping, ice skating, &interviews. Simple enough, but so much fun!




  • Dress: BABY, the Stars Shine Bright
  • Hat: Vintage find from my aunt!
  • Tote: Hello Kitty
  • Everything else: Offbrand

My aunt sent me a small package of vintage goodness this week – three hats! The one pictured, a navy wool one with pheasant-like feathers (will be great for the winter!), and a cream silk circlet of some sort, with ruffles &a huge rhinestone. I don’t really know what it is or how to wear it, but hey, it’s pretty!

Make-up shot

You can’t really tell, but I’m wearing bright turquoise eyeshadow as well as my PEARLED FAKE LASHES! Sorry, give me a minute – I still cannot get over these! Okay, I’m back. Because I went for the dramatic eye, I decided to opt for a nude lip with a little gold glitter lipgloss, and some blush to even out the look. Also, do note the Hello Kitty rhinestoned earbud. J’adore!!

I had so much fun at the holiday market at Bryant Park, as well as ice skating with everyone!! My friends &I already have plans to go back after Thanksgiving. We also met a group of FIT photography students who ambushed us paparazzi-style. I gave two of the girls my name,&they’ve added me on facebook &promise to post the photos they took of us; a friend of mine is also interested in getting into photography &asked me to model for her portfolio, which I of course accepted, so look forward to both of those in the near future!

Mini-post: Fairy-kei(k)

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A bit of silliness tonight: I decided to bake a cake. However, this cake is only playful on the outside. The base is an olive oil cake with fresh orange zest, and with raspberry liqueur buttercream frosting on the outside and a strawberry-balsamic reduction for a filling, this cake packs serious flavor. Unfortunately, I found the filling to be a bit overpowering for my taste, and the frosting was not nearly thick enough &instead of coating the cake, it slithered down the sides &pooled at the base. I also found it a bit too sweet, as I kept adding confectioner’s sugar to try &thicken it. However, I’m definitely satisfied with the end result! As far as decorating goes, the light pink frosting inspired me to choose a softer color scheme, so I went for a light dusting of pastel blue glitter and some (adorably misshapen) candy hearts I bought at a kitchen supply store in San Francisco for an almost fairy-kei feel (hence this punny title).

However much I like to kid myself, there really is nothing serious about this cake – it was just a way for me to try a few different recipes I’d been looking at, as well as a nice way to spend the evening. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I didn’t even bother to photoshop or otherwise doll up this picture – just letting it go as-is. I’m storing it in the fridge, hoping the cold air will firm up the icing a bit – the one that’s stored in the basement, mere steps from my temporary room. Here’s hoping it makes it through the night!

Daily Outfit: 5/29/09

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5/29/09 - mostly full shot

5/29/09 - mostly full shot

Last time to Mother Garden! Sorry this is so old – just wanted to show off how perfectly my H&M blouse matches my Strawberry Cream skirt!


  • Blouse: H&M
  • Skirt: Strawberry Cream by Mew
  • Socks:Metamorphose
  • Invisible shoes:Anna House
  • Lame excuse for a hairbow: Random ribbon!

Sorry for the cop-out post!

Daily Outfit: 5/18/09

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So, my birthday was on Tuesday! I think birthdays are the perfect excuse for rampant escapades, so the day before, my boyfriend and one of our friends went to the Palisades Mall for Mother Garden sale goodness and delicious foods, including, but not limited to, milkshakes, soba soup, and my first Philadelphia roll, which… isn’t as dirty as it sounds, promise.

5/18/09 - full shot

5/18/09 - full shot

Skirt: Strawberry Cream by Mew!!
Cutsew: BABY, the Stars Shine Bright
Socks: Metamorphose
Candy hairtie: Livejournal user osea_chelleo
Shoes: Payless!
Hoodie and OH SO LOLI purse: Thrifted (visible in the next picture)

So while playing with these in Picasa, I finally figured out the Retouch tool. So, I kind of… went a little bit crazy with it. Sorry guys.

5/18/09 mirror shot

5/18/09 mirror shot

So yeah. I was trying to fix the gross fluorescent lighting in the bathroom at the Palisades and ended up looking kind of neon. Sorry! I’ve been promised photoshop by a friend soon, though, sooo hopefully my lovely readers won’t be subjected to this for much longer.

Johnny Rockets. Best chocolate milkshake ever.

Johnny Rockets. Best chocolate milkshake ever.

And for the curious, a review of the skirt is on the way – I wrote it up, but I don’t have the detail shots on this computer, so I’ll transfer them in a few days & we can proceed!

(xposted to daily_lolita)

Daily Outfit: 4/9/09

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blackxblue 4/9/09

blackxblue 4/9/09

Only one photo this time, sorry! A friend of a friend was in from out of town, so we all headed up to the Palisades for a quick romp in Mother Garden & dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant! Here’s what I wore:


  • Blouse: Anna House
  • Skirt: Handmade
  • Cardigan (underneath): Old Navy
  • Tights: Urban Outfitters
  • Rainboots: Offbrand
  • Hairbow: BABY

Real posts soon, I promise! I just came back from out of town for Easter & did a lot of vintage shopping, so I may post a thrifting guide if there’s interest.Would anyone be interested in that?

Daily Outfit: 2/16/09

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2/16/09- at the beach

2/16/09- at the beach

Normally I prefer to start an outfit post with a full-shot, but I think it’s more important use the best photo first, so I’m starting with a headshot this time! All pictures by my lovely Julia.

So, da Court (YES we named our group, laugh if you want but we’re AWESOME! Besides, this blog is quickly becoming about the ridiculous side of lolita, so I don’t think I have to apologize for anything :P) met up on Monday for silly pictures, rose ice cream, and vegan icebox cheesecake c/o moi. Said cheesecake melted in transit, so we found ourselves eating very cold strawberry soup in heart-shaped crust bowls. It was still yummy! Just in a… different way.

2/16/09 Full outfit shot

2/16/09 Full outfit shot


  • Cutsew, socks: BABY the Stars Shine Bright
  • Under-shirt: cardigan from Old Navy
  • Skirt: Candy Violet
  • Footless tights, necklace, shoes: offbrand
  • Bracelet: Forever 21
  • Hair candy: bought off egl_comm_sales
  • Parasol: care of Victoria Suzanne

And look! You almost can’t tell that my arms were going numb!

With Arianna of Baking Life Sweeter

With Arianna of Baking Life Sweeter

Arianna, this is my FAAAAAAAAAVorite picture of us. But if you don’t like it I’ll take it down.

All in all, it was a silly happy fun day made of freezing cold, sand in boots, and melting desserts. By the way, let me just mention again – rose ice cream! How awesome!! We get it in a little Indian bistro in the “hip” part of my town. We then retired to my parents’ house (much warmer and cleaner than my apartment!) for Apples to Apples. Best day in the land! I also got to bond with Vicky on the car ride there, which is nice because we rarely find ourselves alone enough to properly bond! We discussed boyfriends, organs, and past lives.

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