Daily Outfit: 5/18/09

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So, my birthday was on Tuesday! I think birthdays are the perfect excuse for rampant escapades, so the day before, my boyfriend and one of our friends went to the Palisades Mall for Mother Garden sale goodness and delicious foods, including, but not limited to, milkshakes, soba soup, and my first Philadelphia roll, which… isn’t as dirty as it sounds, promise.

5/18/09 - full shot

5/18/09 - full shot

Skirt: Strawberry Cream by Mew!!
Cutsew: BABY, the Stars Shine Bright
Socks: Metamorphose
Candy hairtie: Livejournal user osea_chelleo
Shoes: Payless!
Hoodie and OH SO LOLI purse: Thrifted (visible in the next picture)

So while playing with these in Picasa, I finally figured out the Retouch tool. So, I kind of… went a little bit crazy with it. Sorry guys.

5/18/09 mirror shot

5/18/09 mirror shot

So yeah. I was trying to fix the gross fluorescent lighting in the bathroom at the Palisades and ended up looking kind of neon. Sorry! I’ve been promised photoshop by a friend soon, though, sooo hopefully my lovely readers won’t be subjected to this for much longer.

Johnny Rockets. Best chocolate milkshake ever.

Johnny Rockets. Best chocolate milkshake ever.

And for the curious, a review of the skirt is on the way – I wrote it up, but I don’t have the detail shots on this computer, so I’ll transfer them in a few days & we can proceed!

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A Merry Unbirthday!

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Cupcake care of Google Image Search

Cupcake care of Google Image Search

So, I’m not much of a birthday gal. When I was young they were fun, and I had themed parties for basically anything I could think of, birthdays being no exception. However, I stopped in high school, as I attended a yearly class trip to Japan that was during my birthday three out of four years, and after that it seemed like a pretty pointless waste of money for people to sit around looking at me. I had one real birthday party in high school, and it was a tea party that allowed formal attire only. We had tea sandwiches, and it was fantastic.

Last year, however, was different. On my ninteenth birthday (the MOST IMPORTANT one of my life, as my birthday is May 19th and I’m all about numeric significance), I went to IHOP – International House of Pancakes, and anyone who doesn’t know that has been sorely devoid of smiley-faced pancakes – and got in a car accident. Not a bad one, just cosmetic damage and a hefty ticket for the friend who was chauffeuring me at the time, but still, a total waste of the most fantastic day of the year. Thusly, I have decided to start celebrating my birthday 100% yet again, so as to avoid the calamity of poor planning. Because I figure someone else will probably be interested as well, here are a few of my ideas for lolita birthday parties.

My suggestions:

  • Of course, a tea party. Classic. Pick a few different blends, bake some scones, and head to your favorite local bakery to stock up on cupcakes. Remember, pinkies out!
  • Garden party! If your birthday is in warm-weather, that is. Make some canapes and sip champagne or fruit juice out of champagne flutes while sitting in the garden (or a park, if you’re an urban lolita without a backyard – or if it’s just ugly!)
  • Destination party! Go to a zoo, a museum, or anything else in your area. I’m contemplating heading into New York City and doing pretty pictures at the botanical gardens, with a stop at Alice’s Teacup for lunch!
  • Alice! Anything Alice is good, now that I think about it! My family is zany enough to have yearly Mad Hatter tea parties, where we all sit around a huuuuuge table wearing ridiculous hats and mad silliness follows. For example: The head of the table’s seat has a stack of index cards with questions on them. The head of the table asks a questions, and everyone at the table answers – once it gets back to the head, he or she answers, then shouts CLEAN CUP and everyone moves a seat to their left. It continues until everyone plays Hatter, or until everyone gets bored or has too much hookah.
  • Find an old amusement park! Old-fashioned, that is, but bonus points if it’s abandoned. Eat cotton candy and take pictures on the carousel and Ferris Wheel.
  • Ice Cream Party! Complete with banana-split bowls and parfait glasses,  with a build-your-own buffet of candies, syrups, and toppings.  Make sure to have some dairy-free choices for those who find lactose disagreeable, physically or morally.
  • Craft party! This doesn’t have to be specific to a birthday, but wouldn’t it be fun if, instead of gifts, everyone brought a different supply for the group to use, and then everyone MADE their gifts with the collected materials? Even cuter, if they all chipped in and made something for the birthday girl (a quilt, or something equally conductive to hive-minding)? Aww, bonding time!
  • If you’re unlucky enough to have a winter birthday (Sorry, Capricorn! Sorry, Aquarius!) I guess you could have a… pie-baking party, or something. Snow-angel-making, snowball fights… maybe cookie decorating? I don’t know, I think they’re no crueler fate than a winter birthday. Except that you get to bring cupcakes to school, which is fantastic!

I know, on egl there are few graver sins than “How can I have a loli birthday party?” but I think it’s a very important question! Don’t worry, guys. I’ve got your back. I figured this would be as good a time as any to post one of these, as I have only three months until my own special happyday – don’t hate! I’m planning in advance! If there’s anything my days as a professional bear-wrangler and survival expert taught me it’s that you can never be too prepared. And by “bear-wrangler and survival expert” I mean “high school student”, and by “prepared” I mean “sarcastic.” Same thing, right?

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