Daily Outfit 2/21/10

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Outfit for Chocopologie meet-up

I hosted a belated Valentine’s Day meet-up at Chocopologie on Sunday, and this is what I wore. After lunch, we went to a local museum to take pictures on the grounds – look forward to more meet-up pictures soon!


  • Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
  • Blouse: Innocent World
  • Skirt: Mew
  • Socks: Secret Shop
  • Headbow: Bought at Otakon

Interested in more? Here’s Carolyn’s post over at F*** Yeah Lolita. Thanks to everyone who attended, you were great!

(Also – approaching Miss Lumpy’s 100th post! Look for the chance to win some goodies in the next week or so.)

Exclusive Interview: I Do Declare

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This weekend I got the opportunity to interview my good friend Kelsey, designer, production team, &general mastermind behind American lolita brand I Do Declare (also, she is officially custom-making my party dress for my birthday extravaganza – if that doesn’t prove my trust in her skills what does?!)

Available on Etsy!

Heraldry skirt and buckle-back lace blouse

Lumpy: Tell me a little about yourself. What’s your name? Where are your from? What styles of lolita do you prefer to wear?

Kelsey: My name is Kelsey and i grew up in Florida… perhaps no the best state for lolita because of the climate. My favorite style is classic lolita… though for this coming spring I’m starting to want classic lolita cuts and styles in sweet colors!

Lumpy: How did you get into fashion design, &what made you want to start designing lolita clothing?

Kelsey: Well, I started sewing costumes for myself and friends in my freshman year of highschool and discovered that I had a talent for it! Ever since then I’ve been designing and sewing. I started making lolita clothes for a few reasons but the most prominent was that I couldn’t afford to buy any! haha and now I still love to make lolita clothes because it’s hard to find a flattering fit for westerners in japanese lolita clothing… and I think that above all else your clothes should flatter you!

Lumpy: What inspired the name and the initial behind your brand?

Kelsey: My roomate actually came up with the name I Do Declare. I wanted something that evoked royalty without being pretty pretty princess about it. And I think that applies to the clothes also. I prefer simple lines and flattering cuts in my designs but in higher quality fabric.

Lumpy: What are some themes that you like to draw upon in your designs? Are there any recurring motifs that crop up in your lines?

Kelsey: Like I said, I like simple lines in my clothing but I also adore the Rococo period. I like to incorperate some of that wonderful 18th century style. Also I like to incorporate some prints… Recently I’ve been obsessed with heraldic imagery so I’ve been incorporating that into my clothing with things like the Heraldry print and the Antique Unicorn print! I’m working on something with a Lion next. I’ve used a few prints in the past  like the Welcome to Wonderland print and the Dinosaur Mode Girl. . . both of them are a little more humorous than what I’m working on now but that doesn’t mean I’m abandoning that quirkiness.

Lumpy: If you could use three words to I Do Declare, what would they be?

Kelsey: Haha This kind of question is always so hard! Classical, quirky and historically inspired. Although I suppose the last one is two words…

Lumpy: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Kelsey: I have to say first and foremost from history. I’m a giant nerd for the 18th century! Also my friends… I get a lot of great feedback from them.

Lumpy: What are you working on right now?

Kelsey: Right now I’m working on a line of showpieces for the upcoming Dances of Vice in March. The theme for the event is Spring in Wonderland so I’m doing rococo interpretations of some of the characters. I’m really excited about the whole thing.

Lumpy: What can you tell me about your current line?

Kelsey: The line for winter is the Antique Unicorn line. It’s a print in silver or gold available on skirts, bags and shirts. Every item is hand printed so each one is a little different!

Lumpy: I know you’ve been participating in some alternative fashion shows in and around New York City. Tell me about that – how did you get involved? What’s it like planning your own fashion show?

Kelsey: For the past year I’ve been doing shows at conventions along the east coast, I’d like to think I got started doing shows because my reputation as a designer got out though really it seems to have been a series of fortunate accidents! Planning a show is really a lot of fun! I like to recruit all my models first then dress them in something that I think will flatter then specifically. I think the audience will enjoy it more if they can tell the models like the clothes they are wearing!

Lumpy: I’ve heard that your going to be participating in a Dances of Vice Etsy store. What are you going to be doing with them?

Kelsey: I am! I was really flattered to be asked to participate. I’ve done a custom print for them and right now it’s available on tote bags. I think I may do a few custom outfits for them as well.

I Do Declare exclusive print for DoV

Lumpy: What are your future plans for expansion?

Kelsey: I’m hoping to get some items started in production. As it is right now I make ever item by hand. . and I’d like to have some items produced like my favorite skirt pattern (pleated at the waist with pockets). Then I’ll be able to add whatever print I like by hand. I’m hoping to be able to get that started by the end of this year.

Thank you so much for talking to me, Kelsey, and best of luck on your plans for the future!

Miss Lumpy for I Do Declare

For more from Kelsey:

I Do Declare blog

I Do Declare on Etsy

Cropped Coifs

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Before cutting my hair, I did a demonstration of some of my favorite styles. Now that I’m getting used to my new coif, I think I’ll talk a bit about working with short hair for my fellow cropped cuties!

First of all, short hair itself is often regarded as more of a style than long, so it requires less effort. That doesn’t mean you get to slack off, though! If anything, it means you need to take better care of your hair. Short hair shows greasiness and frizziness much more than long in my experience, so get a few good products or procedures you swear by – for example, I wash my hair with baking soda &vinegar right before I go to bed, then sleep on it, scrunching it to form curls periodically while I’m trying to fall asleep. Keeping your hair clean, shiny, &healthy is important no matter the length, &it is especially so for us shorties because we’ll have less going on with the way we style it. Have a few stand-bys for bad hair day protection – longer hair can just be put into a bun or braid, but for us, not so much! Almost all of my friends swear by snoods, but other hats or claw clips if your hair is long enough will work well too. And for prevention, invest in a good dry shampoo, which will clean your hair without being washed out if you’re in a rush, or keep some baking soda or baby powder on hand &lightly run it through your hair from roots to tip. It’ll dry up the grease &ickiness, but don’t do this for more than one day in a row or it’ll be noticeable.

When I had long hair, I used it to accessorize itself – tiny braids or loose loops were staples for lazy days because they could hang with my waves or be pinned back for extra cute. Now, however, I find myself relying much more on outside implements like clips, headbands, and hairbows. I got a pack of glittery, bright-colored clips from Hot Topic on super-sale recently that I adore, which I really recommend – keep a few hair clips or bobbypins in your purse in case you find yourself wanting to snazz up a bit in a pinch. It’s very important to invest in accessories if you have short hair – cute little star-shaped hair gems,  flower bobbypins, and feathered headbands are all some of my favorites for daily wear. For lolita, I wear… well, all of those of course, but also mini-hats, hair bows on elastics or bobby pins, and of course, headbows. The latter presents its own unique challenges – long hair will be able to hold its own with a huge, head-eating bow, but short hair needs to be highly teased or otherwise styled HUEG so it doesn’t just look flat &dead in comparison to your big, perky bow. However, a side bow looks very sweet with short hair of almost any type – curly, straight, boy-short, etc – and depending on your type of hair you can vary the size &style. For example, a long, flattish sidebow looks nice when my hair is curly, but when it’s straight I prefer a double-sidebow headband. Do your own experimentation, though – head to your local Claire’s or Icing store &try on their selection to see what works best for you.

So, what can you do? Here’s a brainstorm of some of my favorites:

  • Pull the front sides back &secure with a barrette or bobby pins and a bow comb. Bonus points if you brain them!
  • Similarly, starting at your part, twist the hair tightly in on itself all the way across your hairline, behind your bangs if you have them. Secure behind your ear with a bobby pin. Cover the pin with a rose corsage.
  • Gather all of your hair across the crown by inserting your thumbs behind your ears and pulling back. Secure with a ponytail, then curl the shit out of it. Top with a tiara.
  • Too short for pigtails? Using a similar method as above, gather the hair from your crown into two small ponytails above and slightly behind your ears. Use small bows or hair clips in these so the accessory doesn’t overwhelm the style.
  • If your hair is at least chin-length, you can probably do french braids if not regular ones. Try two small ones, it’s easier one short hair than one because the hair doesn’t have to reach as far to join the braid.
  • Put your hair in pin curls before bed. Wake up &take them out. Instant pseudo-curl-fro – tease to enhance! Wear a small sidebow with it.
  • In the end, if you miss long hair, you can always buy a wig or clip-in extensions – they’re easier to wear with short hair sometimes, too!

Letting the Spectacle Astound You

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image c/o we heart it

image c/o we heart it

Masquerade! Paper faces on display-


Hide your face so the world will never find you

I always say to keep your eyes open, because you never know when inspiration will strike you. On a blizzardy day last week, I was watching the Jim Carrey movie Yes-Man on TV with my boyfriend. While it was a cute, cheeky, enjoyable movie, there was one scene that actually really struck me, despite the obvious facetiousness of it. The premise of the movie is that the main character, Carl, attends a seminar and makes a commitment to turn his life around by accepting any opportunity that comes his way. The scene in question is one where, during a night of heavy drinking with his friends, he accidentally puts the moves on a beautiful girl with a huge, testosterone-rich boyfriend. Obviously, the boyfriend challenges Carl to a fight, who has to accept because of his “secret covenant,” on one condition: that if he wins, he gets to take the man’s pretty girlfriend to a ball – ” ’cause she deserves that. Every pretty girl deserves to go to a ball,” he slurs. After losing horribly and taking a few bystanders with him, his reaction is a tearful pout towards the camera and the realization that the pretty girl in question would never go to a ball.

This, oddly, got me thinking. At first, it was, “I’m so happy I’ve been to a ball!” thinking, among other things, of Dances of Vice. Then I realized, there really ARE a lot of girls in the world who’ll never go to a ball. Is that a bad thing? Well, no, not necessarily. However, what is it that a ball really is? Is it just a place to drink punch and wear a fancy dress and sit around staring at the dance floor, waiting for someone to ask you to dance? If so, no – there is nothing wrong with not attending those balls. I’m thinking of course of the high school proms and homecoming dances and cotillions of my native twentieth-century Americana in this case – in fact, one might think it’s better to avoid these cesspools of upper-middle-class adolescent debauchery. However, maybe this is skewed. We’re lolitas, after all – nine times out of ten, don’t we yearn for an era (bygone or non-existant) in which princesses are forever donning breathtaking gowns, staying out til midnight (but no later!), and being swept off their feet by the handsome, exquisitely-dressed gentleman in grand ballrooms with marble pillars and candelabra? The ideal ball is an ideal of escapism and beauty – a place of beauty and fantasy that any girl can escape to in her mind when the real world becomes too harsh. Like a lilting piece of music. Like a beautiful book of poetry. Like looking in the mirror and seeing a living doll stare back at you.

And what about these girls who never go to the ball? All of those girls, the ones who are content to live their lives the way they’re “supposed” to, who go to class, go to work, party with their friends, and never think twice about what else life could hold for them – do they know what they’re missing? Are they really missing it at all, or has it simply taken on a different manifestation in their lives? I don’t dismiss the possibility. However, while my hippie idealization of the world is one where everyone appreciates &seeks out beauty, I know that this is vastly untrue in the world I have found myself. Therefore, I find it safe to assume and be disheartened by the idea that there are people in this world who will never truly find themselves captivated by the beauty the world can hold. Even worse are the people who, when surrounded by utter ugliness, cannot create a source of beauty to lose themselves in.

There are little girls  who stare at me, eyes wide, as I walk through the supermarket or board a subway.  This is to be expected of children, but even more interesting are those my own age, who see me in the cafeteria or walking to and from class, who get that same glassy, wide-mouthed look to them. Bewildered, they turn to their friends, who are already scoffing at the sheer immaturity of my dress, and fake a smile to save face, when in reality they are mystified – they have fallen under the same spell the dresses first cast upon my fellow lolitas and I. Will they ever be able to shake this enchantment? Can they ignore what just happened, can they decide it doesn’t matter and forget the shattering of their universe, or reason it away? Probably. The human mind is capable of much, and as a lolita I constantly overestimate how groundbreaking &earth-shattering this fashion is to the rest of the world anyway. My school seems to have a good amount of artsy, “alternative” kids anyway, so it’s possible that I’ve just been written off as one of them, which is fitting and doesn’t bother me. But for the people who can’t do that,who experience beauty and can’t get it out of their heads, what recompense can they hope for? Only the one dancing in their minds.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Remember those Valentines I said I was making the other day? Here’s a sneak peak:

This is just a small sampling of some of the Valentines I’ve been working on! Hope you like them, and I hope you all have a love-filled Valentine’s day, no matter how you spent it.

Daily Outfits: 1/13 and 2/7

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Daily Outfit 1/13/09

Alice-y to sit in on my boyfriend’s band practice. Luckily, the practice space they rent is downstairs from Nirvana, a health food/smoothie shop, so I sat upstairs slurping a pineapple banana smoothie &listening to the music as diffused by the floorboards. It was probably for the best – the Open Mic Night crew came in &started setting up half an hour early, so  I was glad  I was there to give them dirty looks when they started playing over each other. Dammit, those open mic guys aren’t paying for the space – someone should’ve given them the old what-for! If I’m too hsy for that, at least I can give them the old stink-eye…


  • Blue cutsew: Angelic Pretty
  • White cutsew-blouse: Innocent World
  • Skirt: Mew
  • Socks: Secret Shop AP replicas
  • Bow: Bought at Otakon
  • Neckalce: Lolitas N Cream

So since the above picture is pretty shitty, I’m combining two outfits into one post. Also… I wanna show off my new hair!

Daily Outfit 2/7/09

Worn for a day of making Valentines with Victoria Suzanne. I’m going to be hosting a Valentine’s-themed meet-up later this month, so I’m getting started on little favors for my attendees. This was what I wore for craft day. I did pretty well, almost halfway done with 20 unique Valentine postcards. I’d consider that a success!


  • Dress: BABY, the Stars Shine Bright
  • Custew: Innocent World
  • Headband: Offbrand, ganked from Vix
  • Socks: Secret Shop IW replicas
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Jewelry: Bracelet from Otakon, necklace from Lolitas N Cream

Also, here’s my new f*cking haircut!! Hairstyle, really – I gave myself bangs again &dyed my hair redder. This picture doesn’t really show it well, so I offer you my bedazzled facebook picture instead:

What do you think?

Making a Lolita Valentine

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Valentine’s is drawing near again! I think I covered pretty much all the bases last year with my Valentine Compendium (which I’ll be compiling &providing links to in the next few days), so this year’s coverage will be pretty minimal. Last year, I talked a lot about relationships. This year, I’ve decided to make a brief note about loving other lolitas, and what better way to do that than to pimp Lolita Valentines?

Lolita Valentines is a livejournal communities where lolitas, members or not, can submit anonymous love letters to the lolita-verse in the form of decorated images they make themselves.  It’s the perfect place to profess your undying love for BABY, the Stars Shine Bright, praise a perfect coordinate from one of our many photo sharing communities, or gush about how much fun a weekend with friends was. However, it does not get nearly as much love as it should! While every so often there will be a post of 100+ love letters, far too often there aren’t nearly enough to combat all the bad mojo from our weekly dramas. Today I was wondering why that was. Maybe it’s just for lack of knowledge. Thus, I will demonstrate the proper way to make a Lolita Valentine:

picture snuck from Facebook

First, choose a picture to use as a base. I chose this one of my darling snookyface Victoria Suzanne. Open up any photo editing program you have – I’m using PS7, but anything you want is fine. Now, go crazy! I like to do any normal photo editing I think it needs – playing with curves or brightness, fill layers, whatever – and then some fun text &brushes or textures. Here’s mine, totally breaking any anonymity:

Sorry, loli_valentine!

I broke the rules this week – everyone will know this is from me! Ah well, it’s for a good cause- the education of the masses! Also, really, this post is mostly random pimpage for the community – love your fellow loli, girls! It’s that time of year, right? Your final step is to upload the completed image to tinypic.com and submit them to the weekly submission post. Now, get creative, ladies, and make some valentines!!

today’s heart: 2/4/10

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The first heart of 2010! Oh boy!! Today’s tags: magic, snow, and heart




real posts coming again soon, promise!

Lolita Survival Kits

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Just imagine – you’ve spent hours getting ready, perfecting your outfit and hair and make-up. You arrive at the ball, give your hair a little fluff in a window’s reflection, and then, horrified, you see it. Whatever it is, you are mortified- how could you let this happen?! It was a horrible slight of judgment – how could you have forgotten _____?! Don’t panic– you have your Lolita Survival Kit!

Level 1 – things to throw in the bottom of your purse before you leave:

  • Bobby pins and/or hair things
  • Tide-to-go pen
  • Lipgloss and mascara (both are make-up secret weapons, the two things that can most refresh your look)

Level 2 – keep in a little pouch, grab it on the way out the door:

  • A travel-sized bottle of perfume
  • Needle and thread and a few safety pins
  • Make-up remover, for smeared mascara or eye liner
  • Wisp toothbrush
  • Extra cash
  • Extra batteries for your camera
  • Tweezers

Level 3 – keep in the back seat of your car

  • A pair of pajamas for surprise slumber parties
  • Toiletries like deodorant and a toothbrush, also for surprise slumber parties
  • A change of shoes in case you step in mud or your shoes are somehow inappropriate – a picnic with friends is rained out and your heels aren’t appropriate for clomping through the mall instead
  • Emergency weather clothes – gloves, hat, and scarf in the winter, tanktop and sandals in the summer
  • Extra cash, just in case – mentioned above but it bears repeating! You never know when you’ll get lost and encounter a toll bridge
  • Rations – some candy, a granola bar – something not likely to spoil, just in case you go to a meet-up to find nothing you can eat. Don’t pass out driving home after wards – just nibble your rations!
  • A book, in case you need to wait for someone.
  • A comfy cutsew dress, in case you spill something on your skirt and need to change
  • A cellphone charger, to reduce the risk of being stranded communicationless

Your lolita survival kit will make any situation managable. Never fear make-up mistakes, follicle follies, or other awful alliterations again. Build your own today!

A quick apology

January 26, 2010 at 11:45 pm | Posted in Lumpy | Leave a comment

Just wanted to apologize to my lovely readers for being so quiet lately! I had a laptop-accident on New Years, so I haven’t been able to update as often as I like to. Laptop is currently mostly working, but I’m having keyboard problems, so it’s not really conducive to writing. Very sorry! Hopefully everything gets sorted out very soon 🙂


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