Zodiac Loli: Earth Signs

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Some of you may not have picked up on this yet, but I’m a pretty big hippie. This is largely to blame on my ex-roommate and forever love Jen, who is a certified astrologer &introduced me to Tarot, pendant-divination, and chakra cleansing in the three months she lived with me, as well as the study of the Western zodiac. It’s funny – once you’re introduced to this stuff, you can’t begin to imagine how people live without it. You start thinking in terms of Tarot cards, diagnosing ailments on behalf of blocked chakras, and, especially in my case, start blaming things on your astrology. In short, you look for connections. For the entire history of my blog, I’ve been meaning to do a write-up of Zodiac for Lolitas, so this weekend I sat down with Jen &her laptop, &brainstormed what attributes of which signs would come over into a lolita’s manner of dressing. I’m going to be transcribing all of my quotes, as well as some quotes from Jen herself on the subject, into a four-part series organized by the element of each sign, starting with Earth (I’m biased).

(Please note that the following is really all in jest, and that there is a lot more to someone’s astrological chart than their sun signs – if something in your sign seems totally unlike you, remember that these are stereotypes and that not everyone fits them! There is also much more to your astrological birth chart to consider – many of my lolita friends show their ascendant or rising sign more than their sun signs because we so often put up a front when we dress up.)

Taurus v1 by herlumpiness featuring Forever21 jewelry

Taurus v1

Taurus, the Bull: The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, the planet of love an beauty. Therefore, Taureans have a love of beauty that borders on obsession. Like their bovine namesakes, Cow-people have an easy, lazy air about them and a stubborn loyalty that you do not want to cross. Their top priorities are being pretty and being comfortable. Since they’re very nostalgic, they’ll forever relate colors and styles to things that have made them comfortable in the past, so the Taurean clothing style is very personal and unique to the individual – not always something you can define or pinpoint. The Earthly bull is very soothed by nature, so they will often include them into their wardrobes. It would have been easy to put my Taurus in brown, but really, many Taureans find brown too harsh and stark for their own wardrobes. They are more comfortable in lighter, soothing colors like sage green and lavender. This isn’t true of all Taureans, of course- as I said above, their nostalgic nature means that the specifics will change, but the ideas of achievable, comfortable beauty is very high on their priorities.

Virgo v1 by herlumpiness on Polyvore.com

Virgo v1

Virgo, the Virgin: Virgo, like all Earth signs, is very traditional. The guiding theory behind Virgo is what Jen calls “purity of purpose.” Virgos, when it comes to fashion, are the ones wearing the exquisitely-tailored suit that doesn’t even need to be plastered with labels for you to know it’s on par with Armani; the same goes for lolita. Virgo is the one decked head-to-toe in brand, and even without a name showing, you just know – not because of the status symbol, but because they know that brand names are synonymous with quality. The purity of high-quality items hold with the Virgoan motto of Purity of Purpose. Their presence is enough; they don’t need to go Over The Top to be noticed. These are the Earth signs who will go for dark, deep brown, because they like elegance of it; the same is true of maroon. If they go for a light color, they’ll prefer cream to pure white; they’re too sensible to wear something so easily dirtied, though, so they usually will prefer colors. Virgos also like historically-inspired clothing, because of their love of tradition and the idea that if something has lasted this long, it must be good.

Capricorn v1 by herlumpiness on Polyvore.com

Capricorn v1

Capricorn, the Seagoat: First of all… what the hell is a Seagoat?! Anyway, Capricorn, like other Earth signs, is very traditional. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of rules and laws, and therefore there is nothing they love more than following all of the established rules – this could be what drew them to lolita in the first place. Traditionally, most people would think of Capricorn as being a gothic lolita because of its connection to dark Saturn, but in fact, they would be too worried about what people would say about them to do so, and are more likely to go for old-school sweet or classic, if they go for lolita at all, really. It’s all about established tradition. They’re not ones to do much innovating; they prefer to accept rules as they are. Despite their dislike of negative attention, Capricorns have a secret longing for fame, and therefore they like that brand names are status symbols. In the end, though, they’re too thrifty to spend hundreds of dollars on one dress, so they’ll probably go for brand accessories and an off-brand dress of fantastic quality. They also put fashion over comfort – they’re the type to wear a tightly-laced steel boned corset under their dresses all day, simply because, in their mind, it’s “what you do.” Colors that Capricorns are drawn to are either very classic colors like pale pink or blackxwhite coordinated looks, or the colors of their ruling planet Saturn: plum or light gray.


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  1. Ooooooooh. I can’t wait to read about Libras.

    I’m not normally one for astrology, but a lolita horoscope? I can dig it.

  2. As a fellow tarot card hippy I adore this idea to no end. I am a Taurus too! Go bulls!

    • Woo! Taurean pride!!

  3. I’d love to read an article about lolitas presenting ascendants, especially when dressed up. That could be an interesting topic.

    • I’d probably really enjoy writing one, too, so I may have to add that to my to-write list! Not sure this is the platform for it, tho – I feel like most of my readers are mostly just indulging my hippie ways &may or may not be ACTUALLY interested XD;

  4. I’m a Taurus and that fits! 😀

  5. Hmmm…maybe I -am- a Capricorn afterall XD
    That did describe my lolita-ness pretty well and I adore that cordinate ❤
    Will have to see what you do for Cancer and see which wins out for me – my moon or my sun ^.~

  6. Most of that about a Virgo does NOT apply to me! (^_^;) Unfortunately, my wallet agrees that I do love brand because it is so well-constructed. I also hate getting dirty. (^_^;) Other than that, I love the modern day sweet! (>w<) I do realize you said that it does not apply to everyone, but it still made me laugh. (^-^)

    • Haha! Interesting! It’s always fun to see how people with the same sign can be so different – my friend who helped me with this, Jen, is a Virgo, and she helped me design the set. As I said, there’s a lot more to astrology than just your sun sign, so it’s interesting to see which signs come through in which ways.

  7. Virgo completely applied to me! Well, maybe except the brand thing, I’m more of somebody who sews herself, but I think I’d never leave the house in low quality clothing.
    Thank you for that inspiration again!

  8. I’ll be waiting patiently for Sagittarius! XD Don’t be hating on Capricorn, I always wished my sign was a Seagoat instead of a Hoseman.

    Anyways! Great idea, this is really fun. I love all the different coordinates.

    XD I never would have guessed you were such a hippy (okay, so I had a hint at when I saw those tarot in that one post of yours). While I am in no way a hippy, my grandma is very new-age/psychic so when I was in middle school I received a lot of runes and tarot cards and books from her, so I’ve always been into this kind of stuff. It’s awesome to see other Lolita’s interested in it.

  9. Capricorn – SO TRUE OMG.

  10. […] Zodiac-loli: Earth Signs and Introduction […]

  11. Ah…so true. My Virgo in Venus and I’d love to own me some Innocent world; in general, I do like Autumn colors and high quality fashion without a bunch of logos xD

    On the topic of astrology, I’m beginning to think that the ascendant (mine is in Libra) is supposed to be a big influence on the individual’s preference in fashion taste and/or make up, rather than the person’s venus sign (some folks put too much attention on sun signs…not all virgos are going to be “pure” and have practical closets). I wonder if anyone else is thinking the same.

    • Victoria Suzanne has actually been prodding me to write up a post about our Ascendants and how they affect our fashion tastes and the image we present. I would love to, but the reason I opted for Sun signs with these is that most people don’t know their entire charts. I’d like to analyze the affect of the Ascendant on our images, but I don’t know if I’m personally knowledgeable enough to do so! You raise a god point, tho, it’s definitely very important to consider your entire chart if you know it when reading these.

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