Lolita Survival Kits

January 27, 2010 at 10:18 pm | Posted in fashion, Life, Lumpy | 4 Comments
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Just imagine – you’ve spent hours getting ready, perfecting your outfit and hair and make-up. You arrive at the ball, give your hair a little fluff in a window’s reflection, and then, horrified, you see it. Whatever it is, you are mortified- how could you let this happen?! It was a horrible slight of judgment – how could you have forgotten _____?! Don’t panic– you have your Lolita Survival Kit!

Level 1 – things to throw in the bottom of your purse before you leave:

  • Bobby pins and/or hair things
  • Tide-to-go pen
  • Lipgloss and mascara (both are make-up secret weapons, the two things that can most refresh your look)

Level 2 – keep in a little pouch, grab it on the way out the door:

  • A travel-sized bottle of perfume
  • Needle and thread and a few safety pins
  • Make-up remover, for smeared mascara or eye liner
  • Wisp toothbrush
  • Extra cash
  • Extra batteries for your camera
  • Tweezers

Level 3 – keep in the back seat of your car

  • A pair of pajamas for surprise slumber parties
  • Toiletries like deodorant and a toothbrush, also for surprise slumber parties
  • A change of shoes in case you step in mud or your shoes are somehow inappropriate – a picnic with friends is rained out and your heels aren’t appropriate for clomping through the mall instead
  • Emergency weather clothes – gloves, hat, and scarf in the winter, tanktop and sandals in the summer
  • Extra cash, just in case – mentioned above but it bears repeating! You never know when you’ll get lost and encounter a toll bridge
  • Rations – some candy, a granola bar – something not likely to spoil, just in case you go to a meet-up to find nothing you can eat. Don’t pass out driving home after wards – just nibble your rations!
  • A book, in case you need to wait for someone.
  • A comfy cutsew dress, in case you spill something on your skirt and need to change
  • A cellphone charger, to reduce the risk of being stranded communicationless

Your lolita survival kit will make any situation managable. Never fear make-up mistakes, follicle follies, or other awful alliterations again. Build your own today!



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  1. Great idea! I just tend to dump handfuls of bobby pins in my purse and call it a day. That’s not exactly going to help me too much. Three extra things I might add to your list, on days when I remember more than bobby pins are a little fold up brush, a compact mirror, and omg sock glue. There is nothing more horrible then going out only to find that your newest socks just don’t want to stay up D: Sock glue also works for instant emergency omg-I-need-these-rhinestones-on-my-face-now applications XD

  2. i should have read this BEFORE i went out today….!!!

  3. Baby wipes = heaven sent and come in handy travel packs
    Tissues = for bwaawing, wiping and other drama
    Berocca = because being awesome is exhausting
    Age ID = Some places will card you for ID – I’ve had this happen to me in and out of lolita.
    Phone credit and a reliable friends’ number = Nobody likes being stuck in an unfamiliar place with no life line dressed like a human cake

  4. Ahh yay! This is super useful. Level 3 is exactly all those things I never have when I need them….speaking of needing I need a Tide pen T__T Stains are so unfortunate.
    @ Caro: I’ve never heard of sock glue! Ingenious!

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