Daily Outfit 12/5/09

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Lolita Day Winter 09Last Saturday was International Lolita Day 2009 v2.0, Winter Edition! Victoria Suzanne &I trekked to Queens to join the NYC lolitas at Rose House, a gorgeous English-style teahouse in Flushing. The princess-themed meetup had about 30+/- attendees, some of whom were already friends, while there were others I had never met.


Daily outfit 12/5/09

I wore:

  • Bolero: BABY, the Stars Shine Bright
  • Blouse: Forever21
  • JSK: Metamorphose
  • Bow brooch: mintymix on livejournal
  • Purse: Sanrio
  • Tiara: Claire’s
  • Tights: Offbrand
  • Socks: Angelic Pretty
  • Invisible shoes: Payless
  • Gloves (removed almost immediately): Vintage

It was so much fun, &I owe it all to my lovely darling cupcakeface Victoria Suzanne (also, my spellchecker isn’t correcting me on “cupcakeface” &I adore it) who bought my ticket for me as a Christmas present. I love you lumpsicle!!

Vix & Aly

Wish I could say this was posed!

I was sleepy from working all day so I took a nap on Victoria’s shoulder, only to open my eyes to cameras! Paparazzi 😛

Sleepy Aly

thus, I slept on a chair.

It was so amazing to see everyone again, and to meet all you wonderful ladies I hadn’t seen before! The food was excellent, the tea was exceptional, and the company was spectacular as always 🙂

Martha &I in the Rose Chairs




Victoria Suzanne &I Swan Lake twinning

Also, I tried BB Cream care of Victoria for these pictures – I totally agree with everything she says in this review 🙂 just throwing in my two cents!

(aaaaaand now back to my Philosophy paper I’ve been putting off all day… >.>)

(note: I typed this entry up two weeks ago but for some reason it was never posted! strange strange. Well, here it is now!)



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  1. It was so nice to meet you there!
    I hope there will be more meet-ups like this in the future, because it was an absolute dream ^_^

    • It was! Definitely the best meet-up I’ve ever been to. We have to do more in the future, it was so much fun hanging out with you! 🙂

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