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A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, there is ALWAYS something to surprise you!

-Billy Connolly

Recently I had the joy of purchasing my first brand purse. To me, the Brand Purse was always some kind of status symbol – sure, you need the dress, you need the socks, you need the ________, but the purse has always seemed to a flippant little something extra that a lolita doesn’t actually require. A plain or non-loli purse will always be fine, as well as a brand tote, and I’m somehow exceptionally hard on… well, everything, but especially purses. They’re right up there with brand shoes – they’re going to get scuffed up and dirtied and knocked around, but dammit, they’re just so cute.

ooooh boy!!!!

Oh boy you guys...

So that’s why I bought this new purse from Innocent World. Isn’t it lovely (Come on now, I’m not hearing a resounding chorus of ooh’s and aah’s!)? I was slightly worried about the size – it’s definitely a pochette, and I’m used to lugging half my worldly possessions around in my purse – but I was please to know that, as is often the case with small purses, there is some form of black hole inside its main compartment that houses not only THREE POCKETS (I know!), but a multitude of other goodies. The fun part is, since it’s a rectangle, you have to sort of jigsaw your things in it like a puzzle – yeah, that’s the fun part for me. Hello, Gemini ascendant, is that you?!

The innards, splayed across a table -- eww...

So here’s everything that I fit in my purse with a bit of room to spare:

  1. Camera, in a Mother Garden case (technically, this is just the case, as I was using said camera. Clearly, as there is… a picture. Um, yeah.)
  2. BIG sunglasses
  3. Iiiii have no wallettt, I have no wallet, I keep my cards together with… well, a hair tie, actually. They conveniently fit perfectly in one of the inside pockets.
  4. Blistex. Shut up, it’s damn cold here!
  5. Lipgloss. Yes, I carry two lip coverings with me at all time. It used to be three. They serve very different purposes. Now stop laughing.
  6. Keys, with a plush elephant PEZ dispenser keychain. Gift from my boss – he also got Victoria Suzanne a hippo. It’s… a long, complicated story.
  7. Cell phone! No, it’s not very pretty. It goes through various stages of pretty- this is not its best look. Note, if you will, the thin line of pink along the back – that is duct tape holding in its battery. Yes, seriously.
  8. A pen. For jotting down URLs of interesting websites I happen upon and the numbers of cute suitors I meet while flitting about town.
  9. My new Tarot deck, modeled unknowingly by my darling Victoria Suzanne!

Also, this picture was conveniently shot at a Starbucks on our most recent date. Note the soy peppermint mocha and the soy caramel brulee latte – usually we prefer chai lattes, but it was too cold out not to be festive! As the picture states, they were indeed very yummy.

So, ladies, what’s in your purse?



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  1. That is an insanely cute bag.

    I have the problem with not fitting stuff into my bags, either… which is terrible because finding a purse that looks adorable but actually fits all your stuff is nearly impossible.

    • I know! It’s so annoying 😦 I’m a huge fan of Kathy Van Zeeland purses, though – you can get them inexpensively from Marshall’s or TJ Maxx and they sometimes come in the most adorable pastel shades. They’re also basically black holes – I’ve never had trouble fitting all of my stuff into a Kathy bag!

  2. Your new purse is adorable! I am the same way about brand purses and shoes though, I just can’t bring myself to need one. I have a ton of h.Naoto purses though, that hardly counts since I got most of them for dirt cheap!

    Just out of curiosity what is your new tarot deck? I do tarot readings (as well as a few other forms of divination :P) and it’s always cool to see another Lolita interested in it. I’ve been on the lookout for a very lolitastic deck for a while now, but always settle on something more traditional.

    • Haha, h.Naoto has some awesome bags, though! It totally counts.

      My new deck is the Llewellyn Tarot, based on Welsh mythology. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous (watercolor, I think?) &the symbology is really interesting &unique. All of the pips have different animals in the backgrounds :3 it’s really lovely &I totally adore it. I’ve also used the Goddess Tarot which is a similar style &very beautiful.

      Llewellyn Tarot:

      • That deck is lovely! I really admire the decks that keep the basic style of the Rider deck but do them in their own unique way.

  3. I love your use of the carved-up Starbucks table in my raggy ol’ hometown 😀

    • Heck yes I did!! I thought it was cute, with all the declarations of love all over it 🙂 I should’ve taken a picture of our contribution, though!

  4. […] year, I was lucky enough to get/make for myself: My first brand purse, my first real lolita winter coat (which it technically still en route but the idea is still […]

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