An open letter to lolitas;

October 13, 2009 at 4:29 pm | Posted in Life, Lumpy | 2 Comments
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image care of we heart it

image care of we heart it

don’t think about anyone but yourself

this may seem selfish, but your clothing is not the concern of others, especially people you’ve never met & never will.

be beautiful

whether that is with petticoats or jeans, wear whatever your soul begs you to – maybe it’s lolita, maybe it’s not.

love yourself

you really don’t have anyone else, &you can’t expect anyone else to if you don’t love yourself. you only have one body. love it.

play nice

you don’t have to please anyone, &they don’t have to please you. accept your own freedom to be yourself &that freedom in others.

harm none

if your happiness comes at the expense of others, be unhappy. it isn’t that you don’t deserve happiness; if it only shows itself in bad karma, it doesn’t deserve you.



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  1. I really think that all those words are beautiful and inspiring. I think the same about being ourselves and beauty and all you wrote about. I hope that everyone who reads this will understand that and think the same. We’re more than clothes, shoes or cute lolita’s things. We’re people. And we’re all beautiful!

  2. absolutely lovely ♥

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