Mini-post: Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup review at Lolita Charm

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Just wanted to let everyone know, Victoria Suzanne of Lolita Charm has published her review of the Aromaleigh samples we tried out on Sunday. I agree with almost everything she says, &would like to add:

  • I loved every eyeshadow we tried – those I wore as well as those i applied or saw being worn. I would say that my favorite color was Gilded Jealousy, which I applied to Julia with the shade Sabine for a golden, almost statuesque look.
  • I was also surprised to note the blues – they were, of course, beautiful, but I was happy to note that the exact shade did wonders for bringing out my hazel eyes. This is a good thing to note, because blues are supposed to flatten hazel, but the shades I tried from Aromaleigh enhanced the green beautifully.
  • LIP CREMES! Their nourishing lip creme was the best I’ve ever tried, no lie. Packaged in a Chapstick-type tube, the tinted lip balm is, at first, a bit dry and waxy-looking, but a first swipe of my finger (we were trying to keep the two tubes we got sanitary while allowing all of us to try them, so we used out fingers instead of sweeping them across our lips directly – assuming you’d get the same result if you just applied them directly) to warm the creme &the consistency was smooth &went on sheer but layer-able.
  • Personally, I was unimpressed with the blush on myself – the tones were a bit too harsh for my olive skin, or maybe just contrasted oddly with my particular skintone. Either way, both the Rococo &the Dolly were too bright for me &could hardly even be blended into a light enough shade – I ended up lightening them with a sweep of mineral powder.
  • That being said, Victoria used a very small amount over the Metamorphosis finishing powder &it was very beautiful – the shimmer from the powder really enhanced the blush, &the light shade softened the brightness of the rouge.
  • I was unimpressed with the Parfait finishing powder. Both shades have a light green tone to them to cover up redness (&work wonders on rosacea!), however the shimmer in the Metamorphosis counteracted it nicely, while the Parfait made the wearer look slightly sickly. I recommend the Metamorphosis for fair tones, and the Parfait for those with moderate – severe rosacea or a reddish undertone to their skin – I’d be interested to see how this shade camouflages a sunburn!
  • I was pleasantly shocked at the wearability of the eyeshadow – even though I rub or touch my eyes a lot, the color stayed put for the most part, &the smudging that did occur I’m convinced could have been avoided had we used an eyeshadow base or primer.

All in all, I would personally give them a 4 out of 5 stars. I absolutely adore the nourishing lip creme and the eyeshadow, but the rouge did not impress me, &the finishing powder seems to depend much on the wearer’s skin tone. I was very happy with the products we were graciously given to sample, &I’m on Aromaleigh’s website loading up my cart for my first order as we speak!

(Anyone who is interested in more information, please visit Victoria Suzanne’s review or the Aromaleigh website, both linked above!)


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