Daily Outfit: 8/23/09

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feetsI’m pretty sure everyone here knows of my amour for the darling Victoria Suzanne of Lolita Charm, but as of this Sunday it has hereby intensified to most epic of proportions. She was graced with the opportunity to review some samples of mineral makeup from Aromaleigh’s new Gothic Lolita line &did me the favor of asking for my help – as a face, photographer, make-up artist, and vocal opinionator (which is actually a real word! Who knew!). We were joined by the ever-fashionable, incredibly talented Julia of Goodnight Miss Princess.

Creative outfit shots take 1

Creative outfit shots take 1 - bloomers present, promise!

We decided to try some more creative poses for outfit shots. However, in our zeal, we… seem to have forgotten to take normal ones. Whups.


  • Hairbow, cutsew: BABY, the Stars Shine Bright
  • Skirt: AYA
  • Socks: Target?
  • Shoes: Livejournal user pancakebear


…is actually a kick. You know, just to keep your victim on his toes. I won’t apologize for my expression. Balancing like that is hard!

Creative outfit shot take 3

Creepy Creative outfit shot take 3

BABY cutsews have weird little notches cut out of the hems at the sideseems. Why is that? I don’t like it. Here, you may see my belly- it was too hot for an undershirt, &the shirt itself is perfectly opaque. I am unrepentant!

Keep an eye on Lolita Charm for Victoria Suzanne’s review of the cosmetics we tried! I can’t say much until she releases it, but off the record, know that the three of us are all planning a group order soon!!


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