Making the most of the last of your holiday

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Reading in the Narcissi

Reading in the Narcissi

You can’t really feel it, yet- the sun is still warm, the summer storms rage for a few moments or hours almost nightly, and the insides of your shoes &car are still covered with sand from the beach. There’s no chill in the wind, that certain briskness that causes the lake to ripple in just that way and pulls the first leaves of fall to the water’s surface. The Canadian geese aren’t here yet, and the cicadas still perform their nightly recital, in harmony with the frogs & other night-creatures. Really, the only thing signalling the end of the season is the calendar, telling us: one month left. One final month, the last third of vacation, has decended upon us, and considering all the travelling, swimming, and napping I’ve yet to do, personally, I’m feeling the  pressure.

So how does one make the most of these last four weeks? Step it up!! All those summer things you’ve been doing? Time to put them into high gear & move into the fast lane. Here are a few of my suggestions for making the most of the last of your holiday:

  • Travel! If you’re going to school this semester, you’re going to be stuck in a routine at least four days of seven, so you need to see some new things &spark your creativity &sense of adventure while you have the chance. Don’t have money for a cross-country plane trip? Get in the car, get on a highway you’re not super-familiar with, &just drive until you reach an exit you’ve never been to before. Get off & spend the day there, windows down &radio blasting, hitting up all the local candyshops & boutiques.
  • Spend entire days in bed with a good book – or, if you’re even luckier, spend it in a hammock.
  • Plan a “Goodbye Summer” party &invite only your closest friends. Do whatever you enjoy most – a cook-out, a freeform cocktail party, or just lay in the grass making daisy chains & clover crowns.
  • Buy a disposable camera & document the above- PICS OR IT DIDNT HAPPEN! Then, if you’re going away to school, buy a corkboard &pin all the pictures up – if you can, I also think it’d be cute to hang a piece of string at eye-level along the length of one wall, &fix the pictures to itt with clothespins. Bonus for rhinestoned deco-pins!!
  • Call up someone you haven’t seen in a long time, &make plans to do all the things you used to together – movie nights, late-night diner runs, hookah parties in the park (my goodness, these are some illicit suggestions, aren’t they!), or whatever your favorite memory of your times together is.
  • Have a summer fling. Find a good person of your preferred sex &spend all nights skypeing with them, or all day on the beach.
  • Go through the summer issues of housewife-y magazines- Better Homes & Gardens is my usual go-to, mostly because my mother has a subscription, but Martha Stewart Living &Fine Cooking are also faves.
  • A recipe: Fresh Melon Quenchers- Watermelon puree. Ice. Ginger. Plain yogurt. Honey. Shredded lime peel (optional). Sparkling water. Combine, strain if you want, &enjoy. (c) Better Homes & Gardens, August 2009.
  • Hit up the sales!! Mainstream stores will be starting their seasonal sales soon, & now is the time to stock up on accessories for the coming months &necessities for next year. Cork-wedge sandals with stars printed inside? Frilly bathing suits with fruit prints? Iconic heart-shaped glasses? Check, check, check.
  • If you haven’t already done so, head to your local farmer’s market. My suggestion? Buy raspberries, &float them in cold glasses of raspberry ginger ale while you lay in the grass on a cute quilt – what imagery! Someone must do it &show me pictures!!
  • Start planning your winter wardrobe! Victoria Suzanne over at Lolita Charm is planning a multitude of posts on this same subject for the next few weeks, so keep a look out!

Of course, there are  a multitude of other ways to make the most these last few weeks. What’s your favorite?


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