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Image from the documentary

Behind-the-scene image from the documentary

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been so vacant lately, but between work, shooting for the documentary (click the photo for information!), planning travels, and packing up my apartment, it’s been pretty crazy around here! I’m moving out of my apartment this week, followed immediately by a trip to Baltimore for the anime convention Otakon, followed by MORE filming and fashion show work I’ve no doubt, so my life is going to be pretty hectic for the next week or two. Therefore, I wanted to officially announce a hiatus that I’ve apparently already been on for ten days now – oops! So I wanted to warn you all & thank you for your constant support & readership – Miss Lumpy will be back, reporting Live on Lumps, in about a week.

Upon re-arrival, topics discussed will include:

  • Surviving an anime convention in lolita, with first-hand advice & examples from Otakon!
  • Making the most of the last of your holiday
  • Travel in lolita – this will include hobololi that I’ll be experiencing at the convention, as well as for-real airplane-hotel-real-beds style for San Francisco!
  • Anime and manga in lolita (I’d really like to address heavily the influence of the con-scene in lolita, since it’s such a large sub-group of ours, yet there are still negative connotations to it: I’ll be on the lookout for examples at Otakon, so if you have anything to say please come find me!)
  • Otakon Style Watch – lolis attending, keep a look out for my camera and I!

Again, sorry to abandon you all for so long, but I’ve quite a lot on my plate right now and the last thing my sanity needs is to worry about frequent updates. I’ll still be writing & thinking of you, promise!



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  1. Heyyy! I will be at Otakon too! I will be at the artist alley! I hope I can bump into you ^___^

    • I would love to!! Will you be exhibiting? What’re you going to sell/what should I keep my eye out for? šŸ™‚

      • Ah I am sorry I never responded!

        I’ve been offline most of the time! I think I saw you at Otakon, but I wasn;t sure! You dropped by the Lolita and Cream table yes? Mine was the one next to it hahhah.

        xD I was selling fanart/original art and was doodling most of the time! Did you have fun?

        Did you see the “squishables” (giant stuffed animal thingy’s) cause I saw many Loli’s carrying them around xD

  2. Hey I saw the panel at Otakon, were you one of the speakers?

    • No, sorry!

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