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WordPress, my blogging platform, has just partnered with SocialVibe in an effort to raise awareness & support for charities and non-profits helping people in need. I am all for charities & social responsibility, as some of you know, so I was excited that my humble blog may be able to support important causes.

A topic went under discussion recently in the lolita community, about social responsibility & lolita. The poster said that sometimes she felt like she was being to materialistic; like all of the money she was spending on her clothes could be going to a greater cause. This is very true, however I do feel that our expenses are necessary to us as people & as souls. Let’s face it: our world is not a very pretty place right now. Darfur, North Korea, Iran, and many other, less-publicized places in the world are not doing well, & their inhabitants are aching for help. This is why I donate & support non-profits in any way possible. However, as I’ve said before, I feel that lolitas are a very interesting breed: we need beauty in our lives, would suffocate on all the smog & ugliness if there was nothing to sustain this need. In these dark times, we need to see the light. This is why we still buy our clothes – we ache for the people in far-off lands with so little of the comforts that are part of our everyday lives, and it seems like there is so little that we can do, so we hide in our own worlds of beauty.

This is not good. Beauty is necessary in our lives, but it’s also necessary to the other inhabitants of our planet. I’m all for creating our own worlds, creating beautiful places to hide in, and I don’t think this is necessarily an unhealthy practice. I’m not telling you to stop buying clothes. I am, however, telling you that, since we have a deeper understanding & appreciation of the beauty in the world, it is our duty to try & show that beauty to other people. This is why we answer all the questions when we go out (“Why are you dressed like that? Where is it from? Where did you buy those dresses?”)- it may be annoying, but deep inside we want to share all the loveliness that we see in the world with other people – because, honestly, this aesthetic doesn’t belong to us, and we can’t keep it from the masses just because we want to pretend it’s ours. That, however, is a topic for another post.

SocialVibe is a website that teams individuals, nonprofits and big-box sponsors: a blogger or webmaster adds a link to their website. The link supports a nonprofit. Every time a viewer clicks the link & subsequent links from there, the big-box sponsor donates to the cause. For those of you who use Facebook, think of it like certain non-profit applications on there: Li’l Green Patch, etc. WordPress has partnered with SocialVibe, so now anyone who blogs with WordPress can add the SocialVibe widget to their blogs and support causes that resonate with them.

Personally, and I’m hoping to switch causes every so often, I’ve chosen To Write Love on Her Arms. From their website: “To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding  help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest in treatment and recovery.” Personally, I consider this a very important cause, especially as relates to lolita. We can be such a horrible subculture, honestly – we ridicule & disrespect & cut down anyone who says the wrong thing. One misstep and the verbal whiplash could be permanent. Also, being a subculture,  we attract people who are dissatisfied with their current surroundings & lifestyle. These people sometimes feel like they’ve finally found a group, a society, that accepts and welcomes them. If they misstep and are ridiculed for it, they can feel like they were lied to and get very upset about this. A small percentage of these people, like a small percentage of people in every demographic, already have insecurities that are ripping them apart, and I hate to think what some of the people in our group could do to someone who already has a budding depression or suicidal tendencies.

People who know me well may be confused right now – as someone whose life has been touched by self-hate, depression, and suicidal tendencies from all sides (friends, family, self), I’ve always believed that if someone intends to kill themselves, they will, & no amount of intervention will help. However, TWLOHA is an organization that worked with my high school while I attended, and I really approve of their beliefs and ethics. Also, their website is really amazing – their “Vision” page is really beautifully written and very emotionally-charged, and I’d like to think that an organization that puts its heart on its proverbial sleeve in such a manner really does have good intentions.

I’ve noticed that there seem to be a few bugs with the SocialVibe badge, but once they work themselves out please give a few clicks. This is a wonderful, easy way that we can help change the world. Like I’ve said, I think that lolitas intrinsically want to make the world more beautiful and help our fellow souls escape the ugliness it can hold. Please prove me right.



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  1. I have a wordpress bog, and I knew nothing about this. Do you have to have some kind of special account to participate? I really want to do it!

    I hear a lot about how lolitas can be such elitist bitches, and how awful they can be to people who are just starting/don’t know what they’re doing. But I’ve never seen anything like that happen- I’m just starting out as a lolita, and everyone has been so kind and supportive of me so far. I’ve seen some people post constructive criticism that was just that- constructive ways to improve on an outfit that could have been hurtful if taken out of context, but not actively cruel.

    I guess I’m just wondering if I’m just missing out on some huge bitch-fest (in which case I’m glad), or are lolitas really all that bad?

    • First off, all you need is a wordpress blog – go to “widgets” under your “appearance” tab and it’s one of the options on that page. You just drag it over to the sidebar with the rest of your widgets and click it, & it’ll walk you through the set up.

      Second, I’m so glad you’ve had such a great experience so far! However, have you ever heard of the livejournal community getoffegl? If not, it may be the bitch-fest you’re missing. Normally it’s just little entries like, “Oh, I hate when people do __________ in lolita!” or “Eww, did you see this monstrosity from Hot Topic!?” and things like that, but there are also personal attacks relatively often & it can get out of hand very quickly – as soon as someone posts a link to a lolita doing something outside the accepted norm, everyone else has to go comment & ridicule (or occasionally stand up for!) them, and it can be really hurtful for newcomers to the fashion. Honestly, if you haven’t seen it, I wouldn’t – its intentions are harmless, but when there are a lot of people in a community focused on drama it can get pretty nasty pretty quickly. Despite that, though, I do think most lolitas are good girls & I haven’t really had any drama or rudeness directed at me – the things I’ve seen towards other girls in the community have just elft a very, very bad taste in my mouth 😦

  2. Ah, thank you!

    Eek! Thank you for telling me- I know what to avoid now. ^^;

  3. Hey, i’m new to wordpress but i’m so happy to see another socialviber here 🙂 I clicked your activities while i was reading your post 😀

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