Daily Outfit:5/25/09

May 29, 2009 at 3:15 pm | Posted in Life, Lumpy | 2 Comments
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I wasn’t going to post this, as it was a rather lazy coordinate, and I didn’t even take my own pictures of the full outfit. However, while I was enjoying the Memorial Day festivities at my sister-in-law’s house (mainly, her super-huge yard!) she snapped some pictures of me without my knowledge! They also focus on something I’m planning a post about, so think of this as less a daily outfit pictuer, and more a portend of things to come:

5/25/09 - enjoying the sunny backyard

5/25/09 - enjoying the sunny backyard

You guessed it! Hula hooping!! My friends are rolling their eyes right now, I’m sure, but lately I’ve become enamoured with hooping – and after all the birthday celebrations and holiday cook-outs, my waist is pretty excited about the workout, too!

5/25/09 - lasso!

5/25/09 - lasso!

Excuse the horribly unflattering picture – my cutsew was bunching up 😦 This move, I am told, is called “the lasso” – the tricks you can do with your hoop are almost as fun (moreso, in my opinion) than regular waist-hooping. So, if you’re like me and want a workout but are bored easily and skeeved out by sweaty gyms, stay tuned for further hoop-discussion!


  • Cutsew: BABY, the Stars Shine Bright
  • Skirt: Anna House
  • Shoes & discarded socks: Offbrand
  • Invisible hairbow (did I take it out by then?): Made by me!

(I shed my petticoat for hoop-ease, as I like to hoop around my hips instead of my waist sometimes & the poof can get in the way)



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  1. it can also be called the halo which might be more fun ;D also the first photo of you is very pretty!

    • Haha, my sister-in-law took a bunch of pictures of one of the lasso-based tricks in motion & it looks like a flip book! I’ll have to show you, it’s really funny to click through them really fast.

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