Strawberry Cream by Mew: Review

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As a community, I don’t think I need to tell anyone here that we kind of of adore sweet things. Like, any sweet things. I have this image in my mind of sweet lolitas being so addicted to confectionery they pounce on sugar packets at Dunkin Donuts. This is no secret, especially to the big brands. They know of our attraction to mere imagery of our weakness and exploit it to no end. We pine for prints like Country Sweets and Wonder Party and Fruits Parlor (yes, I’m looking at you, Angelic Pretty), save  hundreds of hard-earned dollars to spend it all on a single dress. Long have I been among the many who moon over these creations, but don’t like the mass-produced mass-marketed feel of the “special prints,” and thus have I missed all the adorable creations to feed into my very own addiction.

No more, fellow rufflebutts! No more! Independent Korean designer Mew has come to our aide, creating and producing her own sweet border print for a fraction of the price and definitely equal quality – plus, yay small businesses! I liked the one piece and jumper skirt, but it wasn’t until Mew released her skirt print that I caved. Sax blue sweet print skirt?! Je voudrais!

So on to the review:

I reserved the light blue * white version of the skirt in April (payment sent 4/10/09). Mew was very nice and answered all of my questions well, especially for a non-native English speaker, but didn’t communicate very often. I honestly had forgotten I ordered the skirt by the time she told me it had been shipped, in early May (on 5/4/09, Mew emailed me to tell me it would be shipped on the sixth or seventh)! I would have preferred to be kept more up-to-date on the goings-on, but with the language barrier it probably wouldn’t have been very easy, so I forgive that. Communication I give a 3.5/5.

As far as shipping goes, once it left Korea it got to me pretty quickly! About a week and a half or two, I’d say (I’m not sure the exact day it arrived, as I had it sent to my parents’ house and they didn’t tell me until a few days later). It came in a cute black and white polka dot box, with no tissue or anything, but it took up the entire box, so it didn’t need it. It was a bit wrinkled, but nothing that wasn’t easily ironed out. For shipping, I give 4/5.

Now for the good part – quality! The fabric is a lot like Sugary Carnival’s – thin but still nice, and probably on purpose for summer wearability. The print is kind of light – I expected it to be brighter, but it’s more on the subdued side, which is nice too. The print itself is really great too – it’s very well-done, with basically any strawberry confection you can imagine on it, from bowls of sugary strawberries to strawberry cake rolls to chocolate-strawberry layer cake. There’s a small banner that says “Strawberry Cream by Mew” – normally I don’t like things that say the name of smaller brands (why does Bodyline do it?!) but I think it’s cute here- sort of like displaying the name of a play on a banner before it begins. The font is also very cute, it looks like swirly, girlish handwriting. The waistband is incredibly comfortable – it’s half-elasticated, with big hook-and-eye-type closures and a zipper. I can’t stress enough how comfortable it is! The two rows of elastic provide enough give without being too tight or too loose, and even after a big sit-down meal it wasn’t uncomfortable. It’s lined, and the little tulle ruffle is sewn onto that, so it looks like it’s peeking out under the skirt. This gives the skirt more fullness and could probably be worn with a petti for a more casual look, while still having a nice shape. The only problem I have with it is that the fabric wrinkles pretty easily – other than that it’s great, so I’m going to give it a 4.5/5.

Altogether, that makes it 4/5. I really recommend this skirt to anyone, would be very interested in seeing a review for the other pieces, and will be keeping an eye on what Mew does in the future!

And now, pictures!

Strawberry Cream skirt, front

Strawberry Cream skirt, front

Strawberry Cream skirt, back

Strawberry Cream skirt, back

Close-up of print

Close-up of print

Close-up of closure

Close-up of closure

Hope this has helped people! A more serious version will be posted to egl soon 🙂



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  1. I wish I could pounce on a version of this skirt, it is so adorable!

  2. That skirt is drool-worthy! Does Mew have a site or LJ (or an equivalent) account where I could see more samples of her clothes?

    • Thank you! The website she linked to in the post is:

      Sorry I’ve taken so long!

      • No, that’s alright, thank you (Aaah, it looks like she’s done taking reservations for that set. :< )

        I love this blog, by the way!

      • I’m hoping she’ll mass-produce some, as well as those that went up for reservation. One of my friends wanst one very badly – and I want her to get it so we can twin! Fate may be against us, though 😦

        &Thanks so much!

  3. I just wanted to post and say thank you again- Mew put a few of her extra/”flawed” dresses on the EGL Comm sales, and I got one! Thank you!

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