Daily Outfit: 5/18/09

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So, my birthday was on Tuesday! I think birthdays are the perfect excuse for rampant escapades, so the day before, my boyfriend and one of our friends went to the Palisades Mall for Mother Garden sale goodness and delicious foods, including, but not limited to, milkshakes, soba soup, and my first Philadelphia roll, which… isn’t as dirty as it sounds, promise.

5/18/09 - full shot

5/18/09 - full shot

Skirt: Strawberry Cream by Mew!!
Cutsew: BABY, the Stars Shine Bright
Socks: Metamorphose
Candy hairtie: Livejournal user osea_chelleo
Shoes: Payless!
Hoodie and OH SO LOLI purse: Thrifted (visible in the next picture)

So while playing with these in Picasa, I finally figured out the Retouch tool. So, I kind of… went a little bit crazy with it. Sorry guys.

5/18/09 mirror shot

5/18/09 mirror shot

So yeah. I was trying to fix the gross fluorescent lighting in the bathroom at the Palisades and ended up looking kind of neon. Sorry! I’ve been promised photoshop by a friend soon, though, sooo hopefully my lovely readers won’t be subjected to this for much longer.

Johnny Rockets. Best chocolate milkshake ever.

Johnny Rockets. Best chocolate milkshake ever.

And for the curious, a review of the skirt is on the way – I wrote it up, but I don’t have the detail shots on this computer, so I’ll transfer them in a few days & we can proceed!

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  1. xD I really like your outfit ^___^ the dress looks super super cute!

  2. you look absolutely adorable!! I have been wanting to ask you a question about the model search that I did a while ago, but I do not have you email address so I figured that it couldn’t hurt to just blurt it out in a comment. One of the girls decided to change her image, and I would looove to have you in her place! I will totally understand if you are not interested, but if you are, please let me know! If you have a friend that would be intrest too, I would be ecstatic. The scarves that I made for her were for her blonde hair, and her brown hair, but now she has neither and doesn’t want to do it..Sorry, babbling now! Just email me if you would like to do ti! Thanks a peach!

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