Urgent News Announcement!

May 17, 2009 at 4:04 pm | Posted in Life | 3 Comments
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Tri-State Lolitas!

I have an urgent message for you!

Mother Garden in the Palisades mall is closing at the end of the month.

Yes, yes, it is tragic. A sad day in New York for all. However, they are having “Going out of business” sales that were, at the beginning of the month, already at 30% off. Not saying it’s a good thing they’re closing… but when life gives you lemons…

I cannot say how utterly disappointed I am. I discovered the Palisades Mother Garden a few months after returning from Japan for what was probably the last time, and stopped at the mall while driving through the area to use the bathroom. Lo and behold! Near the directory there was a small sign: “Mother Garden, 3F” and  I swear my heart cried little beady tears of joy. Dragging my bewildered and mildly amused boyfriend up the escalators, I finally located the tiny pink store in a secluded corner of the third floor, just as the sign promised. Oh, glorious day! And here I thought such bliss could exist only in the far off lands of Nihon. During my time there I had always intended to stop at one of the unassuming pink chains, but the thrills of Kinkakuji and Harajuku slightly trumped Mother Garden. Now, upon returning to hopeless, cultureless, pinkless America, now I had been given a chance to right my wrongs! And even now, a good two years later, I still think of tiny Mother Garden as a portal to the Japan I (never) knew.

Ladies and gentlemen, that dream is fading. Grab hold of it now, while you have a chance!

…or just get some seriously marked-down, horrendously adorable strawberry and bunny-themed items. Your choice. Remember, this is closing at the end of MAY, so make sure you get there as soon as possible!


As of May 31st, Mother Garden is officially closed. We’ll miss you!



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  1. We need to get a rug the week I get back. Friday good for you?

    • Hmm, should be! I think I’m working Tuesday (my birthday ;-;) Wednesday and Thursday (and Saturday of course). When do you get back?

  2. […] escapades, so the day before, my boyfriend and one of our friends went to the Palisades Mall for Mother Garden sale goodness and delicious foods, including, but not limited to, milkshakes, soba soup, and my […]

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