LolitaLove: 4/7/09

April 7, 2009 at 3:24 pm | Posted in Life, Lumpy | 1 Comment
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I’ve decided to start a recurring section on why I love lolita. It’s just going to be little, simple things (coordinates, photos, products) that remind me why I love this fashion so much. I’d like to say it’s going to be a weekly thing, but I know I don’t have the commitment for that, so I figure I shan’t even try!

Why I Love Lolita: 4/7/09

  1. This outfit by Victoria Suzanne – I just can’t get over it! The hat! The shoes! &Don’t get me started on that bustier!
  2. Being a princess
  3. On the way to Dances of Vice last month, Julia and I spent a subway ride with five small children (under the age of 10, I’d say) deciding which fairy tales we came from. “She’s from Red Riding Hood, and SHE’S from Snow White”
  4. Her outfit from said evening – put together from our combined wardrobes and a trip to WalMart’s craft section.
  5. This skirt. As soon as I get paid tomorrow, I’m reserving one!
  6. This set from Victorian Maiden – pink lace! Too lovely.
  7. These AP stickers from Kera Maniax. The print itself doesn’t do much for me, but the stickers… aww!

So, it’s a small one, but I promise the next ones will be better! I’m planing on making this a sort of gratitude segment: I complain about the rules, the prices, the cattiness; LolitaLove is to remind me why it’s all worth it, and hopefully it’ll help you remember, too!


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  1. Sugary Carnival sticker want ;-;


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