Daily Outfit: 3/29/09

March 29, 2009 at 9:37 pm | Posted in fashion, Life, Lumpy | 1 Comment
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3/29/09: From the top

3/29/09: From the top

So, today I discovered a CT lolita within 30 minutes of myself. Hi, Eileen! We met at a mutual friend’s house to test out recipes for vegan cupcakes in preparation for my birthday extravaganza… next month. What? I’m planning early!

Here is what I wore:

Full Outfit: 3/29/09

Full Outfit: 3/29/09

Picture by Marrisa, and I’m on a computer I’m not used to so they’re resized and lighted kind of funny.


  • Headscarf, cardigan: Thrifted
  • Cutsew: Present from a friend – offbrand from Okinawa?
  • Skirt: AYA
  • Socks: Candie’s brand
  • Shoes: Payless

Today I’d say was quite a success! We made chocolate (with teeny bits of strawberry) cupcakes with strawberry “cream”cheese frosting – and some of them are heart-shaped! Eileen demonstates:

Eileen + cupcake!

I’d consider today a success! I even wore a pink apron with a cupcake applique – I mean to bring the one made for me by Julia but I left in a hurry and forgot it 😦 – at least I matched…!


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  1. It was so nice to meet you! The weekend has left me with two new biffles, it seems.

    Also, I left my apron at Marissa’s. Oh no!

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