A good lady always says thank-you…

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Thanks for 1100+ views!!

Thanks for 1100+ views!!

And don’t let it be said that I ain’t a lady! I’ve topped 1100 views since November 08. For five months and very little promotion, I’d say I’m doing pretty well for myself! Thanks guys!!

A friend from high school was in town the past few days, and conveniently he happens to have a talent for photography and love of lolita. He also has a very in-depth knowledge of the deep-seated, attention-whoring ways of the loli, so is kind enough to indulge us when our fancy strikes. Yesterday, my gurrrls and I prettied up, spent more money than we (okay, I) should have on ridiculous hair accessories, and put a hole in the ozone layer (I didn’t mean to! I’m so bad with hair spray!) to create these lovelies for all our gentle viewers. We were aiming for a royalty/luxury theme on our images – did we succeed? You decide! But not yet – more shall be posted once I get approval for general internet consumption by the friends they contain, so that first image will have to hold you over for now!

Thank you again, everybody! I’m so happy that I’ve been able to brighten your day a little bit, and I hope I can continue to do so for many moons!


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