Just like a Circus

March 10, 2009 at 3:45 am | Posted in Life, Lumpy | Leave a comment
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Rose-covered carousel unicorn from Bridgeport Hospital

Rose-covered carousel unicorn from the Hospital

So, the main part of the point of this blog is seeing the bright side of life, finding lolita in the mundane. Sure, it’s a fun place for me to blather about silly things and post cute photos, but I still have a goal in all of this. Sometimes I have to consciously remind myself of this. Sometimes, however, I just sort of… fall into them. Like from passing out from dehydration onto them!

I am currently recovering from a severe kidney infection, and I had a sensitivity to the antibiotic I was given originally, so last week I found myself in the hospital, severely dehydrated from being unable to keep anything down from midnight until I was hooked up to IV fluids around 5PM. Since I went to my pediatrician and it was her office who set me up in the hospital (however that works), I was placed in the children’s wing, which was rather empty and absolutely adorable. It had been recently remodeled, and the work was sponsored, as far as I understood, by P.T. Barnum Foundation, so it was all circus-themed: there was a playroom with a big-top-style tent ceiling, all the rooms were labeled with pictures of admission tickets displaying their room number instead of regular plaques, and, best of all, the hallway to the elevators had murals of all different carousel animals.

Of course, I happened to have my camera, but the battery was charging at home! So I snapped this shot with my cellphone. Sure, I couldn’t walk down the hall by myself, and I left the stuffed bunny I’d had since my childhood in the sheets (probably never to be seen again – no, I’m not over it yet!), but I’m alive, getting healthier with every correct antibiotic I take, and I was reminded to look for the rose-covered carousel unicorn of every situation.

In conclusion: I’m almost better, look at the cute mural and expect real updates to begin again soon! Thanks for sticking with me, everyone!!


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