Daily Outfit: 2/16/09

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2/16/09- at the beach

2/16/09- at the beach

Normally I prefer to start an outfit post with a full-shot, but I think it’s more important use the best photo first, so I’m starting with a headshot this time! All pictures by my lovely Julia.

So, da Court (YES we named our group, laugh if you want but we’re AWESOME! Besides, this blog is quickly becoming about the ridiculous side of lolita, so I don’t think I have to apologize for anything :P) met up on Monday for silly pictures, rose ice cream, and vegan icebox cheesecake c/o moi. Said cheesecake melted in transit, so we found ourselves eating very cold strawberry soup in heart-shaped crust bowls. It was still yummy! Just in a… different way.

2/16/09 Full outfit shot

2/16/09 Full outfit shot


  • Cutsew, socks: BABY the Stars Shine Bright
  • Under-shirt: cardigan from Old Navy
  • Skirt: Candy Violet
  • Footless tights, necklace, shoes: offbrand
  • Bracelet: Forever 21
  • Hair candy: bought off egl_comm_sales
  • Parasol: care of Victoria Suzanne

And look! You almost can’t tell that my arms were going numb!

With Arianna of Baking Life Sweeter

With Arianna of Baking Life Sweeter

Arianna, this is my FAAAAAAAAAVorite picture of us. But if you don’t like it I’ll take it down.

All in all, it was a silly happy fun day made of freezing cold, sand in boots, and melting desserts. By the way, let me just mention again – rose ice cream! How awesome!! We get it in a little Indian bistro in the “hip” part of my town. We then retired to my parents’ house (much warmer and cleaner than my apartment!) for Apples to Apples. Best day in the land! I also got to bond with Vicky on the car ride there, which is nice because we rarely find ourselves alone enough to properly bond! We discussed boyfriends, organs, and past lives.



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  1. Do you have any photos of the food, or anything else? I’d like to do an egl post :3

  2. lool its fine. Its a cute picture. Your melting cheese cake was amazing. Or I was just inhaling it because it was the only thing I had eaten that day….yeah it was that. But it was delicious too. Try making it again! OM NOM

    And I left early that night cause i thought my mom was picking me up and she said she didnt want to drive out late, but then marrisa was home apparently so she came and it kind of defeated the whole purpose of me leaving as soon as we got to homies.
    I missed apples to apples!?! D:

    okay, monster comment done

  3. You girls are too cute!

  4. You should update your blog sometime!

    p.s. the name you came up with for my blog on your blogroll. it’s creative ;]

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