Valentines Compendium 6: Imaginary Girl

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First off, a very heartfelt thank you to Arianna for posting for me yesterday – my laptop was in the shop (for a new keyboard! I missed you, T-key!!) and I wanted to extend my wishes to you, my devoted, lovely readers. Thanks bean!

And here is the post I would have made had I the means. My New Year’s Eve Imaginary Girls post is still one of my most popular, so I’ve decided to compile another group for Valentine’s Day.

valentine's girl 1
valentine’s girl 1 – by evil_neko on

Lorena walked down the halls at school and groaned inwardly. The girls in her year were practically plastered against lockers, engaging in dangerous-looking tongue hockey with their Hollister-clad flip-flops-with-socks boyfriends. She wondered vaguely if they would choke, smiling a little at the idea. It would serve them right. Valentine’s Day was no excuse to act like animals. In fact, it was no excuse for anything. She had taken to wearing black on Valentine’s Day to show her lack of support of the greeting-card holiday, and would continue to do so. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she almost didn’t notice it: the single long-stemmed rose tied to her locker, in both as fully-bloomed and red as her sudden blush.

valentine's girl 2
valentine’s girl 2 – by evil_neko on

Ariella exhaled angrily, arching to stretch her aching lower back. Who on Earth worked on Valentine’s Day?! Someone who was desperate for money, she answered herself glumly. She dusted her hands on her apron, and dug in to the slice of red velvet cake one of the frosters had given her- the young man had accidentally used mislabeled vanilla buttercream instead of cream cheese frosting, and as it went directly against the customer’s order, the boss had allowed the staff to eat it themselves. She went back to work on her cake, a silly bit of confectionery that matched her outfit stunningly, and supposed there were worse jobs to work on Valentine’s Day.

valentine girl 3
valentine girl 3 – by evil_neko on

Mia had spent months saving up for her very first lolita coordinate, and had blessedly had it in time for her favorite holiday. She had spent hours selecting the finest off-brand items, agonized over whether it was okay to wear black shoes with a pink coordinate (in the end deciding it was classy if done right), and combing through local shops for the right accessories. You can imagine her surprise when her boyfriend presented her with the box, perfectly coordinated with her outfit, and its contents: An Innocent World dress she had been pining over for months. Her first brand piece. Right there in the middle of the restaurant, she almost cried.

Again, and this time slightly belatedly, happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!


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  1. 😀 your welcome!

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