Valentine’s Compendium Part 3: Gifts for girls

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Awright, so while I was searching for gifts for boys, I came across some lovely gems for girls. So, if anyone is here searching for gifts for their girlfriends or sisters or what-have-you (even loli mommies!), I’ve compiled a short list. My girl’s list is going to be a bit different from my boy’s, as they are nearly all from Etsy. Oops.

As follows:

Sweetheart hair puff

Sweetheart hair puff

DaisyRoseSB is a really sweet seller, and will be featured more than once on this list. All of her hair items are designed with her two girls in mind, but she says that her hairclips are suitable for adult’s hair as well.  Dibs on anything blue and pink! I really adore these ridiculous hair puffs – everything else we wear is puffy, why not our hair accessories too?!

Rose and Dove Haircomb

Rose and Dove Haircomb

Ahh, Rococo. When else was it deemed socially acceptable for women to run around with fake birds in their hair? Well… actually, that was allowed in many time periods, now that I think about it. Etsy user zebracakes reminds us that our current era is just as supportive of fake birds and flowers as any time before. Beside, what says “I love you” more than doves and roses? Come on now…

LOVE tea cake hair slice

LOVE tea cake hair slice

Sorry, is this list looking a bit too pink for you? A challenger approaches! Here comes the oft-forgotten though definitely seasonally appropriate red looking to get in on the action! DaisyroseSB reappears with her gorgeous LOVE tea cake hair slice. I adore the little pearls and lace along the “frosted” edge, and the rose and pearls on the whipped cream on top of the cake itself. Normally I find ricrac tacky (sorry AP!), but I think it’s absolutely perfect here.

a Framed Classy Fixture

a Framed Classy Fixture

Gasp! It’s not wearable?! Don’t worry, it’s the only one. I just wanted to show some love to the boys of non-dressing lolitas, those who attend private school or have strict work rules that don’t allow them to wear lolita very often, if at all. I feel for you girls! Etsy seller NestaHome offers a lovely framed version of their popular print, One Classy Fixture. Hang this like a portrait – I love that it comes in so many colors to fit your decor perfectly! I would place the one pictured (gray) in a black and white minimalist-Rococo room – think thick black and white vertical stripes painted on the wall, shiny white marble floors, and a huge white bed (link conveniently provided by Google image search) with a black comforter and printed black-and-white pillows, wivh grey curtains and throw rugs. Swoon! Don’t worry, a piece on lolita decor is coming soon 🙂

Not safe for work!

Last weekend, I went to see DJ SiSen in Boston, a trip accomanied by shopping on Newbury Street where I discovered Agent Provocateur (NSFW! Hence no picture for this one), an upscale lingerie company with boutiques in all the international shopping Meccas (pat yourself on the back, Boston! You’ve outdone yourself on this title! No, seriously, you have. Stop lying to people.) Let me say, Holy Beans I am in LOVE! If only I could afford $150 for a pair of panties. But what I thought was worth mentioning about the company was that they make cute, sexy, high-quality lingerie that is also approachable. Lingerie and lolita is a hard topic to breach (okay, lolita and ANYthing sexual is pretty difficult),  but I wanted to include something a bit sassier, and this seemed to be perfect, because honestly – are we really that unused to ridiculous pricing? Plus, it’s classy, cute, fun, and just plain hot! Some of my favorites are the Suki brief (heart butt! I died to see it in bright pink in the store), the entire Courtney set,  and the Ainsling babydoll night… dress? Maybe that’s too strong a word for this one, as it does not even cover the bum.

So, boys and girls, those are things that I would like to recieve as a female of the lolita persuasion – are you reading this, honey? I hope this helped you in your quest for the perfect gift – now hurry up and order! What are you waiting for? We’re only a week away! Next year’s Valentine Compendium is definitely going to start earlier…


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