Valentine’s Compendium 2: Gifts for Boys

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Ladies and gentlemen, do you know what today is? Yes! It’s Groundhog Day! For anyone outside the U.S., today a groundhog is woken up and accosted to see if it is afraid of its own shadow when it comes out of its burrow- if it is, it goes back into hibernation and we have a few more weeks of winter, but if it stays awake to find food or whatever groundhogs do for fun, we’ll have an early spring. But, most importantly, Groundhog Day means the beginning of February – thusly, the perfect time for buying Valentine’s Day gifts if you haven’t already! Huzzah!

So, today I’m going to help those of you in my situation: Buying for the boys. A section on buying for the girls (squeal!) will come later. Please note that this guide is designed for men of a more old-fashioned mindset – I wouldn’t recommend it for any Hollister-sporters or football-worshipers (/stereotype)

Cyberoptix tie lab

Cyberoptix tie lab

Cyberoptix tie lab is a really amazing. I can’t sing their praises highly enough. All their designs are gorgreous and funky – it’s hard to find one that I really dislike – their customer service phenominal, and the quality? Swoon, I swear. I ordered the Cut Throat and their Victorian Gears and they look even better in person than online. The colors and designs are true-to-life and came for ten dollars extra in a beautiful wooden box that was so lovely I couldn’t bear to wrap it, and even the tags show an amazing attention to detail. Beverly, the woman I corresponded with, was incredibly patient with all my badgering and stupid questions and always got back to me within a few hours. Out of five stars I’d  give them ten (million). No joke.

Circuit Board Straight Razor via

Circuit Board Straight Razor via

Straight Razor. If your aristocrat or dandy boyfriend doesn’t already use one, for shame! A shave with a straight razor is really without compare. It takes time and patience, as well as a steady hand, to perfect this dying art, but the rewards are truly reap-worthy – better skin, closer shave, a few minutes out of the rush-rush-rush are all benefits from shaving in this manner. Plus, if he enjoys it, you basically have all of the gift-giving holidays set, because you can alway have more accessories! Brushes of varying quality and materials, soaps and creams, hones and sharpening stones – so many possibilities! I recommend The Well-Honed Razor for razors as my boyfriend knows the owner and not only is he a great guy, he’s really dedicated to stocking only the best-quality materials – you can find some great ones on eBay as well, but do your research, as there are many sub-quality one sthere as well. As far as soap goes, Geo F Trumper is a fantastic and high-end company out of London – if you want something more affordable but still of tremendous quality with rave reviews, Mama Bear’s Soaps are what you’re looking for: handmade of the best all-natural materials and an incredible shave. She also carries aftershave, shampoo, and women’s products and is really cool and a total sweetheart.If your boy is queasy about such a huge razor, a Double-Edge or DE is a good choice too, and both are more environmentally friendly than diposables.

Playing card cufflinks by crimsonking on Etsy

Playing card cufflinks by crimsonking on Etsy

Etsy is always a great place to find beautiful one-of-a-kind gifts, like these cufflinks by crimsonking. A simple search of certain clothing articles brought up or led to a multitude of possibilities at all different price points. Some of my favorites are:

Of course, these are all just ideas, and they are also with my boyfriend and other men that I know in mind- your own man may or may not appreciate them, but if that’s so I hope you can at least gain some inspiration from these! And if you’re short on cash, remember that the best gifts are from the heart: bake him a cake; make him dinner; draw pictures on his bed in heart-shaped confetti (and then hop in with him!); get all gussied up and take HIM out to dinner with a big bunch of flowers, even if that means dandelions and McDonald’s due to budget restraints. Just remember that all he wants is to know you care. If you don’t have time for anything fancy, just write him a letter telling him why you love him.

This holiday is for showing people love – not spending lots of money on stupid thing they’ll never use again. Go out and show him, and he’ll appreciate it much more than if you bought him another card. His mom will do that. Don’t you do it too!


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  1. how cute :3 I can’t wait until I am old enough to carry a lolita flask! ;D

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