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EGL has many a talented ingénue amongst its 10,000 members, and while we all know that, it’s always refreshing to be shown proof in a different sort of pudding than the pages of (albeit lovely) art posts and prose we see so often. Livejournal user frillywitch’s involvement in her college’s paper allows her to stretch her creative tosies while gaining valuable insight into her field of choice – obviously, journalism. A recent career-boosting if inconvenient wave of illness and dissent running through the class allowed her to take full advantage of a nearly-empty paper and commandeer the probably sought-after center spread for a three-page full-color look into lolita fashion and culture.

A link to “La Vie En Rose” and the discussion it generated on egl is here.

My opinion: Heart! I liked that it was not only informative about style itself, but also about the lolita scene and subculture – that way should any of her readers decide to toddle into egl, they won’t be surprised or insulted if met with catty rudeness by the more seasoned members. I did see a few typos and grammatical errors, but I figure that since they were decidedly short-handed, the newspaper staff was probably unable to take the time necessary for proofreading and revision, and I think that considering the restraints put on her due to being almost the only student to work on this issue, she did remarkably well and deserves all our praise as well as our constructive criticism. Of course, the fact that I was quoted three times in the course of the three-page article may be biasing me just a smidge. 🙂



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  1. Your quotes are very telling 😛

    • Haha, are they? Good, that’s why they’re quotes! 😛

      …is that a bad thing? I think I summarized the Lolita subculture rather well!

  2. So… I SHOULDN’T post our meetup photos on EGL, you’re saying? :p

    • Haha! No, I was just saying that was just why I didn’t really post pictures for a long time. Apparently people don’t even think there ARE lolitas in Connecticut, though, which I definitely plan to remedy!

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