Daily Outfit: 1/11/09

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1/11/09 - before leaving

Met up with my local loli-friends this Sunday for a movie-fest! We watched Kamikaze Girls because A.) it’s a classic and B.) one of our numbers who was new to lolita hadn’t seen it yet!, as well as Kiki’s Delivery Service and selected scenes from Phantom of the Opera, because the children were getting antsy and wouldn’t sit through the whole thing 😛 Just kidding, guys, you know I love you! We also consumed sugar. A lot. In fact, the only thing vaguely healthy I ate there was vegetable pizza, and if pizza is the healthiest thing you’ve eaten all day, the future does not look good. But on top of coconut macaroons (note the double o!) that I’m told equalled about 1100 calories a pop, we indulged in, peppermint cookies and cranberry-oatmeal cookies, muffins, and chocolate wafer cookies, then veggie pizza for breakfast. I’ve been eating so well lately I figured no one would mind if I went a teeny bit crazy on the sweets… My Hair ADD is also quite evident. Only two of maybe five hair changes I did in a matter of hours have been documented, but five is a modest estimate. It just gets boring otherwise!

On the way home I had some bonding time with the friend I  carpooled with. We’ve known each other for years & years & years, but it’s been a very long time since we really talked. Relationship level up!

Full outfit sans shoes

Full outfit sans shoes

Part of my New Years Resolution was to exercise my wardrobe more, so instead of relying on Brand and coming up with omething less than stellar, I went off-brand today!

  • Cherry Skirt acquired in a swap – maybe In the Starlight?
  • In the Starlight blouse with plain long-sleeved tee underneath – listen, it’s winter! I’d rather suffer sartorially than freeze my bloomers off, thank you.
  • Red snowflake tights and black flats(/rain boots for anytime I had to leave the house!) from target – see below!
  • White hair flower purchased in Japan – an outdoor mall in Ebisa, I think it was called Groove? I jut recently found this again, it was really exciting!
  • Ridiculous red scarf from a local thrift store


I’m also getting creative with my tags – a huge percent of my visitors find me via tags, so I figured I’d experiment with them more! How many of you find me via tags?


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