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HaPpY NeW YeaR

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Okay, so here’s a confession: I have never made a New Year’s Resolution. If I ever did, in elementary school as a class assignment or something, I don’t remember, so I probably never followed through with it. I don’t really like resolutions anyway; they’re always so lofty and unrealistic, and it seems silly to set yourself up for the disappointment of breaking a promise to yourself.

However, the blogosphere went wild on New Years Eve, and it’s still buzzing more than a week later. I’ve seen innumerable posts of resolutions, why you should never ever ever make resolutions, why you should never ever ever not make resolutions, why to make goals instead of resolutions, and of course, healthy recipes and ways to lose weight for the coming year (And keep it off! they cheerfully proclaim. Sure.) to keep your resolutions. And always, the list goes on and on. But not everyone’s being swept up in the histeria, and maybe, after seeing the down-to-earth resolutions and goals of some of my compatriots, that’s the reason I find myself wanting to make resolutions: they don’t have to be a death sentence to my way of life. It’s possible for resolutions to just be small ways of tracking my progress. By writing them here, I’ll be able to look back next year and see how I’m doing, as a lolita and as a person. So, here are my resolutions, as pertaining to lolita and life in general:

1. Wear lolita more. Obviously, on top of almost everyone’s list, but I haven’t been able to lately because I haven’t been working much. Note to self: Lolita can be worn when sitting around being a blob, too.
2. Sew. I used to wear 95% my own creations. Now I only have one handmade skirt and a few headbows. LAME! It must be remedied. I have many plans for skirts especially and I’m very excited to try them out!
3. Expand my wardrobe. And by this I mean buy more brand. I was the newbie who bought lots of pretty dresses when I first started, and now that I have to pay rent, I can’t expand my wardrobe as much as I’d like. At least I thankfully got my hands on a few blouses, skirts, and pairs of socks before I moved out.
4. Budget myself properly. I have known the sting that comes from living off ramen noodles and Kraft macaroni and cheese because I spent too much on brand and could barely afford rent. Luckily, I have very understanding parents who will allow me to raid their larder every few weeks. No more, though! I shall have my burando and eat it too! …what?
5. Mix and match! I am far too predictable when it comes to coordinates. I’ve already started this, wearing rain boots whenever they matched, and I soon hope to start including my love of silk scarves and huge clompy boots like Doc Martens into my lolita wardrobe. I know, I know, but don’t worry – I know what ita looks like, and I will stay far, far away from it! Besides, I have so much clothing, and so many shoes and accesories, why not experiment?
6. Smile more. Be less rude. Breathe more deeply. Eat more raw foods – they improve your complexion, help you sleep easier and wake more rested, and can help you lose weight, depending on your usual diet. For me, what with my undying love of pasta and white bread, cutting the processing of my food a little bit would probably help round out my life a teeny bit.

As far as blogging goes, I resolve to post more outfits and photoshoots, and even try to get personal about my experiences in lolita and what I do with my friends when rufflebutting. Who knows? Someone might enjoy it.

Ladies and gents, what do you resolve?


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