Imaginary Girl – Happy New Year!

December 30, 2008 at 5:50 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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You’ve all played with Polyvore, right? It’s a fancy little site that allows you to create outfits of items you or other people upload from websites. You can use this to see how a potential purchase could coordinate in your wardrobe, play dress-up with your dream prints or experiment with a new style, or, my personal favorite, create imaginary people and play God(dess!) with their lives! In honor of New Years fast approaching, I’ve created a few lolita and what they’re doing to welcome this year:

New Years Lolita: Lisette by evil_neko
Lisette had pretended not to care when her boyfriend dumped her on New Year’s Eve-Eve, but moments after disconnecting his call she dialed Victoire and Annabelle in tears. All three girls spent the holiday together, ero to prove they didn’t need boys to be beautiful (everyone forgave Annabel for being engaged, as her fiance was elsewhere), braiding flowers into each other’s hair and mixing their own pink cocktails

Lolita New Year: Claire and George by evil_neko
Claire had taken Metro-North into New York City just to hit a few clubs – she didn’t expect to meet George, a handsome aristocrat who greeted her by the bar with a rose that perfectly matched her soft pink coordinate. After ditching the club scene, they sat in a greasy diner all night drinking lemonade and pink grapefruit juice and talking in limericks.

Lolita New Years: Camille by evil_neko
Camille thought it very auspicious to wear one’s favorite pieces on New Years Eve – welcome a new, beautiful year in beautiful clothes.She sat on the floor in her room, eating out-of-season but still delicious strawberries and listening to her gramophone. As the clock sang twelve, she plopped a strawberry into her champagne flute. Here’s to another beautiful year.

Happy New Year, ladies and gentlemen!!


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