High and Low School

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Photo by... me!

Photo by... me!

Ah-HA, my genius title! I bet you couldn’t guess what this one is about! Unfortunately, it’s something almost all lolitas have to go through at some point – high school. Some of us were lucky enough to only have gotten into lolita after graduating, myself not included. I discovered lolita the summer before my senior year, and, luckily, I was attending a magnet program full of art-class-type-kids in a regular mainstream high school a few towns over, so my school was pretty accepting of oddities.

However, I cringe to remember my days of perochial school. I somehow managed to convince my parents to rip me from this nightmare early, and only ended up going through five or six years of it  during childhood. I was horrified at having to leave my beloved primary colors behind in favor of navy and green plaid pleats, all day, every day. It was tragic, and life-scarring – I have only recently begun to reintroduce turquoise and reds into my palette again, after having to force them from my life in childhood. Scarring.

And private school kids aren’t the only ones. Myschool rules were: skirts four inches from the knee or longer, no midrift, no bare shoulders. Not hard to work lolita into that! Unfortunately, I did have the occasional red-faced male substitute who got up-in-arms about my poof, saying I was distracting my completely oblivious classmates (maybe it was just an embarrassing lolita complex? Ohnoshedidn’t!!).  Because of this, and my lazy days or those of bad conditions that may spoil my lovely clothes, I had to make do sometimes with only feeling lolita – a lolita in spirit if not in dress. It was sort of fun – like I had a scandalous secret!

Here are my tip on feeling lolita when otherwise not allowed to show your love (those more astute members of livejournal’s egl community may recognize the first of these as advice I gave in a comment a few weeks back):

For those who aren’t in private school and just have annoying dress codes or peers, my favorite technique is wearing a skirt without a petticoat. As long as it’s nothing crazy (probably no Twinkle Mermaid here), you probably won’t get much  grief for this. Just in case, though, always keep a change of clothes in your backpack, locker, car, or wherever you can, so you don’t get stuck in sweaty gym pants from the lost and found!

Otherwise, if even the skirt-without-petti route is out of the question:

  • Wear a cutely-cut  skirt or shorts with brand socks (pleats and plaids are probably not the best idea, as these plus cute knee-socks can scream sexy schoolgirl and they may confuse it with lolita – not good!) or a nice cutsew with your jeans;
  • Put bows or cute clips in your hair and feel free to sleep in curlers to enhance them!;
  • Deco(rate) your nails or cellphone (or calculator!);
  • Wear false eyelashes and do doll-like makeup – if makeup is not allowed, invest in some good peppermint or strawberry chapstick;
  • Get a nice winter coat  and bunny earmuffs during winter from F+F and just put it in your locker during class, that way you can be super-cute for your bus ride home;
  • Wear rocking horse shoes (or whatever lolishoes you have) with everything ;
  • Use glittery gel pens and glue bows and rhinestones to them;
  • Pack a cute bento lunch with lots of fruit and heart-shaped cookies ala Momoko;
  • Periodically bake cupcakes for your homeroom;
  • Print out all essays and assignments on pink paper (short of that, put them all in pink rhinestone covers);
  • Play at lifestyle loli for a day – walk in small steps, smile sweetly at people all day, address your teachers as “Sir” and “Ma’am/Miss” – if you’re really feeling daring, go for “My Lord” and “My Lady” but remember to be very sincere – any doubt and you could find yourself explaining all this to the Dean or Principal!
  • Write Victorian-style love letters to your friends. Mine got a kick out of this, and I like to think they looked forward to recieving that folded piece of notebook paper after a particularly boring class. Most of them began along the lines of “My dearest _______,” contained an old love-lymirck I found online or remembered from childhood, and ended with “From your ever-devoted secret admirer. P.S.: I fear you have discovered my identity! Is this the end of our relationship, my sweet?”
  • Read classics. Shakespeare, The Little Princess (or the Little Prince!), Emily Dickinson, or if you’re more Gothicly inclined, I really recommend Dante’s Inferno. I discovered a withered hardcover copy in my high school library and it was definitely a hit with for between classes or during lunch.

So, there’s a dozen-plus ways to lolify your school life. High school is never a wholly fun experience, but looking back on it, I feel it was really one of the most enjoyable periods of my life, and I really feel like that I because I forced myself to find beauty and joy in the little things, making all the drama just a little easier to cope with, even when my teachers were on a particularly cruel streak.



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  1. 😀 I have been looking for ways to lolify myself at school! I used to wear that cherry skirt with no peti, but now you have it so I have no skirts >.< I need to make the green dress into a skirt pronto!
    Thank you! And keep posting here!

  2. I love this! These are truly great ways to incorporate Lolita into high school life!

  3. I can relate so much to this post; I’m a thirteen year old lolita and proud! I’m already a bit of a “nut”, live in a small town, AND wear lolita? Well, you can tell I’m quite the sight to see.

    I do bring treats for classes, but I never thought about baking my own! (mostly because I’m not that good..) But it’s a great idea! I think, next time, instead of getting Christmas cookies at Wal Mart, I’ll make some cupcakes instead!

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