the problem of lumps

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I love oatmeal. I hope you do, too, because otherwise our relationship is not off to a good start. It’s just delicious – a creamy, gooey concoction, bested  in versatility only to… bread, maybe. I love it in all its forms, and it always seems to make its way into my life – cranberry-oatmeal cookies I bake at work, thick bowls of the hot cereal from Ikea, even sandwiches on Oatmeal bread while house sitting for my parents. My favorite is the cereal – thick  and doused in brown sugar, I can think of no more perfect food. Instant or the more traditional Quaker Oats,  an American classic, I love it all – except Apple-flavored, that shit is whack.

A common problem with oatmeal, though, is always the lumps. Dry oats  themselve are not the most pliable of grains (um, DUH, they’re dried), and when they clump, they tend to partially cook, leaving them stuck to other partially-cooked grains halfway through the cooking process, not allowing the unexposed bits to cook, so when biting into what you expect to be a cream-colored spoon of heaven, all you’re getting is a gummy-chewy-hard workout your teeth did not sign up for.

I have found my life resembles this in many ways, especially when  it comes to lolita.  How many times have you bought the perfect dress, finally found the perfect blouse, and you get it, hold it in your arms… and realize you have nothing to match it. Or, worse, you receive that skirt from your dream series you bought in a fit of passion, you loved it so much, you couldn’t avoid wearing it to your corporate office job, headbow and tea party shoes and all of it…  and get yelled at by your boss for dressing inappropriately. Fellow lolitas, these are lumps.

I find myself encountering lumps often. I also find myself at times getting obscenely, inappropriately upset by these lumps, and I know from various lolita forums and Livejournal groups that I’m not the only person affected in this manner by the lolita-related lumps of daily life. I’ve decided to start  this blog to help soothe myself and my readers, to remind us that  while we do find these  lumps, it is  not, in fact, the end of the world. I’m going to try to find way for you to conquer common problems that occur when a lolita moves out of her house and realized she has to: get a job,therefore go to interviews and, subsequently, work (usually in a corporate atmosphere); find, organize, and live in an apartment, probably with roommates; and possibly get herself into college and go to what we will assume is a relatively mainstream university or state/community school. Don’t worry, lolis of tender age, you’ll have articles yourself – trial and tribulations of high school; a part-time job-choosing guide based on school schedules,  strictness, and paycheck; and dressing up a private school uniform. I look forward to getting to know allof you, and of course, if there’s anything specifically you want me to cover, please feel more than free to let me know.



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